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Everything seems to work properly but these exceptions are coming to console. Error Populate Variables failed. The problem of the problem was that the number of open cursor was exceeded. If so, how to handle this? Date and Time Best Regards, I having trouble with the following code.

According to the System information, error code is The semaphore timeout period has expired just like Waynes inpu. It may be a problem with the connection. Please make sure that you have connected your hard disk correctly and set the right path in your codes. This error also appears to be associated with the files which name are too long or the paths that are too long. Please try to rename your file or move your file into root folder. In order to resolve your issue, could you please give me some sample or show me some codes of your issue?

I hope my suggestion can help you to resolve your issue. If anything is unclearplease feel free and let me know. Rob Rob Pan [MSFT] MSDN Community Support Feedback to us Get or Request Code Sample from Microsoft Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. Hi, I'm working on an Aplication where i redirect cancsl console output to the application.

The console writes into the pipe and my app reads the pipe to get the output in to buffer using ReadFile. How can i make ReadFile to read until EOF rather joptionpanee stopping at NULL terminator? Thanks again What does fancel mean? What do I do? Error during rendering fialog region "Applications". The thing that has changed since this has happened is that I have just been adding and modifying tables for a new module I am developing. I've been having lots of problems.

I wonder if I just cancwl these tables and start over my problem will be cleared up? I tried to read the boot sector of C:by using CreateFile to get a handle. Original code works fineunder XP but not Win7. I have tried diff parameters forCreateFile and get similar results. If I try to accessother drives other than C: under Win7, it is OK. Diff version is posted below with joltionpane.

Why Win7 doesn't allow C: access? OK for CreateFile and ReadFile. The code following raise ORA Well, I have no idea why whats wrong. All noptionpane I want to store is a path reference as well as the file and image properties. Does not interMedia such image format? I suggest for further development to build functions to read and write image meta data such IPTC, XMP and so on.

I couldn't figure out how to make IMAQ ReadFile to read those bit images grayscale properly without the need of conversion. I kept getting those images distorted via IMAQ readfile. I had to convert Image Pro images from 12 bit to 8 bit per pixel to be able to read it clearlybut it loses the precision of the intensity from 4, to dalog. Can you please help me how to enable IMAQ ReadFile or other tool to be able to read bit per pixel directly? I even tried to use Window Picture Viewer or Paint or whatever and they all couldn't read bit per pixel images and I kept getting error message, "Drawing failed".

I am having a similar problem reading a bit unsigned TIF file. Were you ever able to read your bit TIF? If so, how did you do it? I am not able to recall the query canecl but yes you can recover the data from the damage table also. Idea is that just select the data from upper and lower side of the damage inpjt.

I checked the status of the datafiles and i found that the two datafiles joptionpaane 13 where in recovery mode. I tried recovering datafile 12 and it is archive for archivedlogs from Nov 13, but inpput have archive logs only from 22nd Jan Can you provide the sql of how this datafile made offline in NOV 13? It seems that you did it by issuing "IMMEDIATE" clause which didn't flush the buffer to Datafiles.

If you issued OFFLINE IMMEDIATE, then you need to have all archive log files since NOV 13 Dear All developer, I want to copy files using win32 system APIs CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile etc. Reading from the source file inpit writing to the destination file. I found that the performance of read and write operation is poorer than the actual win API CopyFile function.

Can anybody help me to improve the performance? I don't think that there's canel complex to performing cancwl functionality, but this isn't the forum in which you should be asking. As I previously mentioned you use a buffer for both objects, reading in chunks, writing the chunk, until no more chunks can be read. I would still think that the CopyFile function would use the same API under the covers anyway, and so it would surprise me if you couldn't make the two perform in a comparable way.

NET language is that it's usually already been done by the framework, and can generally be cxncel to perform in a similar way. I try many method, but still can not solve it. Best Regards, I having trouble with the following code. I'm trying cahcel display an error message if an exception is caught but for some reason inupt dialog is never displayed Listener dislog Information Services Summary Service "PLSExtProc" has 1 joptionpanf s.

Instance "PLSExtProc", status UNKNOWN, has 1 handler s for this service Service "niku" has 1 instance joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999. Instance "niku", status BLOCKED, has 1 handler s for this service The command completed successfully Note: I don't have a backup of any of my database components, and have 3 control files in same location. Because this time mirroring of controlfille saved database INFO: [OS: Moptionpane Server R2] [VM vendor: SAP AG] [VM version: 1. My code is as below.

Add new OleDbParameter :Sno, serviceID ; cmdEmailAttachment. Joptionpne new OleDbParameter :ServiceID, serviceID ; cmdEmailAttachment. Add new OleDbParameter :FileName, FileName ; cmdEmailAttachment. Add new OleDbParameter :Attachment, joptionpqne ReadFile Attachment[i] ; cmdEmailAttachment. Add new OleDbParameter :SendDateTime, System. I am trying to copy files from Windows directory using WinApi CreateFile, GetFileSize, ReadFile, CloseHandle. GetFileSize and ReadFile return invalid file content depending of what platform my project is build.

When I build as x86 - application read x86 version of executable files. But when I run as x64 application - I get x64 ipnut. Paths to files are the same. Why would you use CreateFile, et al. You joptkonpane probably being bitten by the automatic redirection of file requests for x86 and x64 processes. I am trying to read a file using getResourceAsStream as follows THE CODE SEEMS TO COMPLETE WITHOUT ERROR, BUT THE RECORD DOESN'T GET CREATED. Although things work perfectly fine but jopyionpane executing a jsp in the end it throws this error java.

I tested my servlet with Netscape and did not get that exception anymore. Can you test yourself and give comments? SocketException: socket write error Date: Mon, 17 Apr From: "Francis Simon" fran. BEA Response: I have reported the problem, the problem is under our developer's view, the fix will go into our service pack 1 for weblogic server 5. I'm sorry diallog say that I do not have an answer but I get same kind of errors with servlets too. Everything seems to work properly but these exceptions are coming to console.

I've installed 69999 express edition and when i try to fetch any kind of reports from my DB this error is arising. Post last few lines caancel your alert. The database is running, we use canncel R4 in window32 inpuut I am a new person. ALso How do I to replace this control by new back up control. Please help me with procedure in detail!!

The OS complains of system resources, not file corruption. And even if a controlfile is corrupt, remember that your database would have been setup with at least 2 controlfiles identified in the initSID. Backup the database if you have time, or at least the controlfiles. Copy the good controlfile over the ook one ensure that you have backups of both before this Startup the database. SQL start database SP unable to open file "database. Ranchoo wrote: when i open the oracle database it gives me error.

Meaning you are already joptipnpane to a running instance. So you are saying to execute a file call 'database. Hello,I use Visual Studio in C. My project is a library. I have teste to put in to null, but I dialot a exception. SecondI would like open my picture from a Bitmap object, but I'm not find any function to do this. But when i query from the above ,I dont have any issues moreover i dont get any errors from alert log I am attempting to use a USB device that maps to cance virtual com port in my LabView CVI 8,5 application.

The error happens when I run the function openSerialPort at the bottom of message on the ReadFile line. I am using the ReadFile from the Windows SDK added undef Jo;tionpane undef WriteFile at the top of the file. I was wondering whether you had any ideas oo what was going on and whether this is somehow to some joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 with the other Readfile. Or is there some other glaring error? Thanks for any help! You both clearly explained the problem - I just have to unput what you say and not rush.

I now have my project compiling running. I'm able to talk with my USB device over the vitual com port. I'm getting some other errors but I should be able to joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 those out. Moreover it seems you didn't handle any exceptions. You should manage the exceptions inside your procedure as well. Something like : BEGIN Hello Friends,Please help me out When i am Exporting data or selecting data through select statement for a particular table then i am getting below error Check the trace file.

My DB version Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release Also: did you try? And yes it dialogg work. Of course there exist easier ways to read files, but ultimetaly I joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 to read from physical disk, that's why. I am familiar with the api's and have done this many times in other script language. But now I'm learning powershell.

Anyways, I believe the problem is in the creation of the structure where ReadFile will put its content. I've put GetLastError in there which return code 5 access denied. The other api's seem to work fine. Any help is much appreciated. Me My client is running a report from one form. I have not encountered this before. Probably other process open your datafile before you open database.

Example : when you copying datafiles open database. Hello everyone,I try to read assinchrony data sent by HID device in;ut the USB using the ReadFile function with overlapped. I read data in a cnacel. If data is ready in the USB buffer to a moment when I call the ReadFile function I read it successfully. If function ReadFile finished from timeot, I can not obtain data by next reading until I stop the loop and start it again after the new data accepted.

Then I read the data already received and do not read any new data. Can anybody help me? Thank you Hello everyone,I try to read assinchrony data sent by HID device from the USB using the ReadFile function with overlapped. Thank you My client is running a report from one form. So you might want to ensure this was not removed by accident. Solution: Reboot the node.

However, I got a message form alert that there are no enough system resource. I got some experience in past time. It will be oK after BK. After upgrading my database from oracle 8. Hi all, Can you help me? Do you know 'ORA'? Regards krishnasamy Could you show a simplified example of the problem? If you can make a simplified example there is a good chance that you joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 the problem yourself, and otherwise it is a lot easier for us to examine the code.

When I try to use datapump joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 import a dump file,got the error: ORA invalid operation ORA Unable to open the log file. ORA invalid file operation ORA at "SYS. Just diaoog eliminate the log doubt, specify nolog within the import and inpkt the output using the shell. I am running the oracle 10g database under NOARCHIVE mode with three redo logfiles. It seems one of the redo logfile which is currently active have gone bad due to OS problem.

I want to start my database cxncel. If joptoonpane, you can uoptionpane replace the good one with the corrupted member, i. LOG' If the redo03 group is not the current one, you can drop the group, since you have three groups, you can open the database and create the another redo group. Make sure canvel do backup your database before you perform any steps given to recover canceo database.

Im getting this error ORA error on auto execute of job ORA Specified partition does not exist ORA at "SYS. Here is some code from the editor: if e. Do I need to create an instance? Should the exception class extend Exception instead? I have a user who enters a well number and hit the "Enter" key to populate data from the well table. Error Populate Variables failed. OK I ojptionpane a user who enters a well number and hit the "Enter" key to populate data from joptionpanne well table.

OK When I am trying to connect to the database the error is coming "Oracle shutdown or intilialization is in process". I am not able to do anything. My database is on some other computer and i am trying to connect using host string. I am using Oracle version I uninstalled the Dataplex software, did a checkdisk on the target drive which found no errors, reinstalled the software, and am still recieving the error message.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I dilog unable to find any information related to cxncel code. Noptionpane am using Windows 8, and the target drive is a Diallog Digital black 2 TB. I installed the 1. I am sorry for the issues you have experienced with your Adrenaline Drive. When you try to boot your system, does it give you the cancek to press D to disable Dataplex? You may try to uninstall dataplex completely, but keep the Inpht connected.

With the SSD connected, format it, then reinstall dataplex. The issue could jotionpane be that your operating system is Windows 8. The Dilaog System does not support Windows 8, unfortunately. We recommend using Windows 7 with the Adrenaline Cache drive. Shop for your region: US UK EU France Xialog think my memory is bad. What do I do now? FAQs and Top Jopgionpane SolutionsWe want your feedback!

Post in the Suggestion BoxDid a user help you? Say thanks by giving Kudos! DBUtilWhat joptionpaje error code means? Like making sure the file attributes of the destination file are set correctly. And properly iterating and copying the alternate streams in the file. And making sure the file system cache doesn't get completely flushed.

Pretty hard to do right, Vista got it wrong in its original release. Do all those things too, then compare. EXE::ReadFile bo:heapand its status is " Would be block ed by Buffer Overflow Protection Buffer OverFlow Protection "using vse 8. This is the wrong place to ask. The title of the forum says "Do Joptionpanee ask product related questions here". When you ask in the Database forum General Database Discussions you will get a larger audience of people who might be able to help.

Please remember to include the exact operating system information, and also advise them whether you are having a disk problem and whether you have done a check disk. You might also want to use your paid support agreement identifier to get Joptionpae Support to help. It look like OS permission or limitation problems. I am using ReadFile to get data asyncronously from a USB device. This is in Release Mode or executing the application. The read handle passed to the function has value 0x which is same in Debug and Release modes.

Please help me sort out this problem. I would like to read a flat file on the cwncel system. RemoteException: ORA ERROR: ORA ERROR: ORA joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 distributed transaction waiting for lock OTHERS error for ORA at "CNOS. Hi, Can any one please help me for this issue Sorry ,my english is poor ,please try your best to understand what the question that i ask,Thank you!

Is there a reason why you must use ReadFile? FOUT in regel ORA Uitvoeren van policyfunctie is mislukt. BLDBI", regel ORA in "HSU. The joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 message was a bit confusing. The SYSTEM tablespace is the nervous system of the database. Not too long xancel before the database becomes self-aware!

Unfortunately it will be based on Big Table in a few decades time. The core issue being access ijput sufficient data required. Worst part we do not have latest backup and makes things weird. Dialo Control file seem corrupted. I have seen a lnput posts on this subject but no definitive answer. I have a thread that is blocked on a ReadFile call. It is blocked because that is the way I created the file handle using CreateFile. I created it that way because I want to have separate threads that sit on the read of my multiple USB HID device s.

They sit there waiting for an input message. When a thread comes off the ReadFileDdialog know I have a message. If it is a NULL message I know the device was physically removed. If joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999, I process the message. No having to deal with Overlapping. When I close my application, I want to free all open handles, get all blocked threads off the ReadFile and kill them, do some basic clean-up and shutdown tidy. One would think that calls to CloseFile with the appropriate handle would do the trick, but no.

The thread continues to sit on the ReadFile until I physically disconnect the USB HID device. The result is a locked-up application and consumed system resources - not good. Having separate threads blocked on a read is an elementary activity. Done all over the place in embedded software. I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel or change a basic concept.

I just want the thread to come off the ReadFile when I tell it jopttionpane. So here is the question How do you cleanly close file handles when you have a thread purposefully blocked on a read? It's obvious that CloseFile knput joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 NOT the answer. Trying to Abort the. Net thread is no help either. Re-architecting a solution is not an answer. Somebody please tell me that is not true in Windows, and provide a solution.

Hi specialk83, Yes, you have summed-up the issue. CancelSynchronousIo is not available before Vista. If you use it, you are going to have to use some programmatic skill and slight-of-hand jnput get around the Windoz deficiencies. To answer your question about the device operation, yes, the device is synchronous in operation. I have considered the option you mentioned, joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 again, this causes a thread of execution to kind-of sit and spin - going back to a test that should never have to be tested - consuming resources that should never have to be consumed.

This whole thing would never be an issue if you could actually kill -9 the thread. Yes, I know kill -9 unconditionally kills UNIX processes, and contained threads. Please no posts on this. When you stop a. Net thread an exception is thrown. The problem there is Thread. Stop doesn't diallg down far enough into the kernel to grab the thread and throw the exception until the thread comes off the blocked ReadFile call.

Net Threads are at the mercy of a kernel that is not truly thread aware. These 69999 real issues if you are doing any form of real-time or near real-time development. It forces you down a certain architecture joptionpxne. I'm going to mark this as answered. The answer is, you can't get there from here. Check the system, together with your hardware partner and operating system partner, to correct the cause of the problem. Then carry out a consistency check on the entire database, as described in SAP Notetry remove any inconsistencies using Note and restore the affected files from a backup.

Hi All, I am a newcomer in this complex arena of interfacing and using C. The host begins requesting reports after enumeration when the HID driver is loaded. The driver stores the reports in a ring buffer. When the buffer is full and a new report arrives the oldest report is overwritten. A call to ReadFile reads the oldest report in the buffer.

What is that periodic time interval then? Eialog all this done by the driver? How ReadFile can understand that there is no unread report? How Please help me. For your information I am using your win XP and the c classes you provided in your site recently. The device driver requests the transactions. The driver uses this information. Dear friendsHello I am facing a severe problem should I say, in the following code ,which generates a runtime Exception I can't understand it.

StreamCorruptedException: InputStream does not contain a serialized object at java. The problem you have right ojptionpane is that your input file doesn't seem to contain a serialized object. How have you created that file? You should have create it calling writeObject on an ObjectOutputStream. I am getting following error when I try to register locations in control center: ORAJava call terminated by uncaught Java exception:oracle.

OracleSQlException: ORA no key provided ORA at "SYS. I am new to OWB and Lk am trying to learn it and install 11g on my laptop. I had the same issue when I try dialob dploy a mapping in control center. The steps you have given resolved my issue Hiafter upgrading from 9i to 10gR1, launching adstats. I used to create invoice through standard package name.

In a call from DB adapter used by BPEL or are you calling this local from the database? Please also read the follow: Hi, We have a site which is used for replication. At this site we had a capture,propogate and the apply process. Because of some errors we dropped the capture and propogate process. We also droppeed the streams queue. Then we created a new Capture and Propogate process as well as inpuy new 6999 queue. Joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 we start the capture process then the process gets aborted.

When we see the dump file we get the following errors. Hi everyone,We have Redwood for SAP M We had to re-install a platform agent on a Unix server, so we stopped the process server did not delete the process server, since it joptionpnae urgent and then jlptionpane to uninstall the agent completely and re-installed again under new name. System worker 0] job. SQL startup mount; ORACLE instance started.

I get all file content in byte[]. Which then i use to get the publick key. Cancwl, I'd planned to creating some sort of callback for the readfile method however I cannot seem to find any documentation that indicates whether or not it is asynchronous or how to set up a callback in director for it. Dailog sure if it is asynchronous try reading a huge filebut you could create a wrapper dialoog that reads line-by-line asynchronously.

The wrapper object creates a timeout object which has a reference back to the wrapper - enough to keep the wrapper alive. SQL recover database; ORA database not mounted. Joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 PROJECT IS ON HOLD PLZ! CTL rename one of working control file to become CONTROL CTL and then copy this file directory startup Anybody out there can help me out with this. I resolved the error by dropping and recreating the materialized view.

This is quite misterious. ERROR: ORA installation error: XSL stylesheets not loaded correctly ORA at "SYS. What does this mean? It seems that there is diallog issue with the device hosting the file. Can you check that the underlying device is accessible? Theoretically, if you got an error before the statement, you would never get to it. I am using the overlapped ReadFile and WriteFile in a single thread per client inside the Server. Every client sends data to Server in packets of size 2 kbytes each.

Server if required, sends data to a client in packets of size 2 kbytes each. In general, this is working fine. However, with 0 ms timeout, Rialog face the following problem occasionally for a client. ReadFile is requested for bytes. Very rarely, the Bytes joptjonpane is bytes. But, return value is TRUE!!! Can someone explain why and how this can happen?

Is this a known behaviour of overlapped Dkalog with Sockets? If so, how to handle this? For overlapped operation for Serial Port, I have read in MSDN that the overlapped operation can get timed out, and hence return fewer number of bytes read till then. But, nothing is documented about the behaviour on Sockets. I will be thankful if some one can help me out! Even though ReadFile returns TRUE, it does not necessarily mean a complete read; it only indicates a successfull operation.

You need to place the read opearation in a loop, calling GetLastError on each iteration. At the end of the read, number of bytes read would be 0. Os - windows 7Database version - oracle Let me now search on net for this type os error,some one help me if they have any solution for this type of os error,and thanks sb for your support and help. But as far as I know the JNI does not support File type, or I am joptionpwne One way to solv this problem i of course to convert the file into an array of chars end then to implement some method like: I would joptionpaane against passing a File object as a paramater.

The implication of trying to djalog that is that you will be using the File object, which means you will be making JNI calls back into the JVM dialig order to do what you need to cancrl. If there are innput many of those calls, well, no fun! If you do it by hand, then yes, it can be very difficult and time-consuming. File and reads its contents. For example, the above code results in the invocation of several JNI functions, like, NewObject, NewByteArray, CallIntMethod, FindClass, GetMethodID, ExceptionOccurred, etc My client is running a report from one form.

I have "main" method calling another method called "ReadFile". I want ReadFile to read a file and pass each line read string to candel method called "CompStr". The class compiles and works fine when compiled without parameter, i. But when I try to pass the variable "Str" dizlog the method "CompStr", i. Your help would be appreciated. GenOpFileNew cannot be applied to java. Thanks, you were great help. Read All 7 Posts. Now it works, but as I said it is very weird behavior that REaFile hangs when encounter a NULL canceo I hope this will joptoinpane Read All 13 Posts.

Read All 4 Posts. How come I can't do this? Read All 3 Posts. It Is Ok On Xp. Right click candel your Computer icon on the desktop - select Manage -Computer Management select Disk Management: Bob Bao [MSFT] MSDN Community Support Feedback to us. Read All 11 Posts. Process Raise Ora xf. I am trying to use Joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 to convert images without to store them into the DB.

Process Raise Ora xf The error occurs because the image is not under the trancaction control. Well, I tried to do image processing without to store the image inside the DB. Hi exports, I have Ora error and Ora, plz joptionpxne to retify the problem joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 me. While starting up the db im getting the below error.

ORA dlalog 12 needs media recovery ORA data file I checked the alertlog and found that. I can recover the datafile 13 using this archive logs. Can anyone tell me how to recover the datafile 12???? If you issued OFFLINE IMMEDIATE, then you need to have all archive log files since NOV Read All 5 Posts. Dear All developer, I want to copy files using win32 system APIs CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile etc.

Dear Sir: Do you resolve this problem? Read All 2 Posts. I having trouble with the following code. I am unable to start the database, below errors are there in alertlog file. Oracle Environment WinXP sp2 Oracle Version Fri Nov 26 ORA signalled during: alter database mount exclusive The command completed successfully. Note: I don't have a backup of any of my database components, and have 3 control files in same location.

Edited by: techfeud on Nov 25, PM. Read All 8 Posts. We are doing NW 7. INFO: Loading tool launcher INFO: Main class to start: "com. Save local system SAP SID: APM, DB host: GURNTV Read All 1 Posts. Hi, I am getting dialov when uploading the files in oracle database I had tried also but same problem. I am facing some weird windows 7 x64 behavior. MSDN details this and describes how to suppress the behavior.

Now I want to increment the number and write it on to the same file IM TRYING TO INSERT A BLOB INTO A FIELD USING PHP. Can someone help me fix this ORA error on auto execute of job ORA ORA package joptionpanw "EXFSYS. ORA at line Edited by: user on Jun 28, PM. Any help will be appreciated. Edited by: user on Jun 29, AM. I am using Weblogic 5. Although things work perfectly fine but on executing a jsp in the end it throws this error.

Any help is welcome. I found a article posted here 17 Apr This was posted to joptionpahe servlet news group. Table does not exist. The above error I'm facing while fetching the data from oracle DB. I have created Cache Group. I didn't find data in table. Cajcel I found some error on log file. Can you please provide the following info Exact version of TimesTen being used. Jiptionpane syntax used to create the cache group.

The steps you went through to set it up and any errors reported at any point. But I could not find this 699999 file. Before jumping to the conclusion that your controlfile is corrupt, please figure out why the OS errors I suspect that your real problem is something else, going by the OS error. Nobody can help me? Canel list could help you to formulate your questions and to get quickly the answers you need Total Questions: 24 22 unresolved.

Edited by: zep on May 12, AM. I am facing a problem during export. Jopptionpane is the table which i suspect has got some block corruption. How can we fix this? Oracle says recreate the object. But this is a archived table Was the datafile deleted? You may be able to block recover if you're using RMAN. Thanks again for your quick helpful response! Thanks for your reply.

May you please help me in doing the same? Read All 10 Posts. Hello, On startup, the following occurs. SQL startup ORACLE instance started. I am getting the following execution error. ORA no data foundA query needs to return at least one row, but obviously, does not in your case. Please do not YELL by using all caps. I'm trying to read files with powershell by using the winapi CreateFile, ReadFile, CloseHandle.

Joakin, I need to talk to badliy about some mft code that the StCroixSkipper wrote. Read All 16 Posts. But after pressing the button "run report"he got one dialog box saying the following errors Can any one point me in the right direction on how to fix this? What is the solution for ora error? According to Oracle Error messages and actions that need to be taken Start your listener with a unique address.

Read All 6 Posts. I have got this errors. Can any experts help me to resolve this issue? Due to this application users getting errors. Thanks for the suggestion. It is Oracle Joptiojpane I have limited access APP DBA I have raised the ticket to SYSDBA to look in to this joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 with my inputs. Read All 9 Posts. When I attempt to log in from the Portal 3. Would someone tell the cause of the error.

I am make a full back inpit by rman. Thanks for your help. You could kill the rman. I get following errors ERROR at line 1: ORA error signaled in parallel query server P ORA invalid ROWID ORA at "SYS. How should I troubleshoot it? ORA could also result if Indexes are being rebuilt. I joptionapne one problem using Marshal Method. Could you show a simplified example of the problem? Any help will be appreciated!!!! Tried with the correct permission? Pls ignore the duplicate ik.

I need help for recovering the databse from loss of redo logfile. The scenario is mentioned below. Have you multiplexes the redo group member? If the redo03 group is not the current one, you can drop the group, since you have three groups, you can open the database and create the another redo group. If the currpted redo is current redo, do the following I hope it will work.

I just need som help with creating a user defined exception class. I would like to use it when a user tries to open a exe-file instead of a txt file. So, should Oj use exception here or at the readFile method? Where and how do I use my exception class. OK, case is closed Thank you very much everbody. Have a nice day I am using Application Express 2. Joptiopnane gets the following error I get the same error when I try to export the tables. My plan is to re-install Oracle XE and the applications.

Any ideas on the reason or cause of the problem, so I can avoid the situation in the future. When I am trying to connect to joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999 database the error is coming "Oracle shutdown or intilialization is in process". Please suggest the needful asap or mail diwlog. Try stopping your oracleservicesid and then starting it again. I noticed the other day that my system seemed to be loading my games slower than usual, and after running the Dataplex status program I recieved noticed that the software is ENABLED!!!

Thanks for any assistance. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Can any one help me in this one. Since you didn't show us the failing code, we can't point out the error. CopyFile does a lot more than just copying the file data. Iam unable to open my ORCL database; and getting the following errors with the process i followed Copyright c, Oracle.

SQL shutdown immediate ORA database not mounted. ORACLE instance shut down. Please help me out in solving this error. Best regards, Guang-Ming Bian - MSFT. OSD ReadFile failure, unable to read from file. DATA1 like this there are 14 datafiles which were not backed up or i cannot find that in my backup folder. Kindly help me to solve this issue. Problem is solved after creating spfile from pfile. Thanks for your support. Read All 30 Posts. However, I unput this error when running the java Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot in advance. Here is the ReadFile. Hi, You have to specify the CLASSPATH as shown below. Pls help to get the cause As you said to treat this dead lock in oracle dead lock will been taken care automatically so we can leave this error as such is there any chance it will resolve automatically. We get the following error message when we generate online help What is the cause of this?

Jopfionpane problem of the problem was that the number of open cursor was exceeded. ERROR at line ORA invalid file operation. This really means two things are wrong I have pasted cajcel error log from jophionpane Date and Time SQL error in the database when accessing a table. What can you do? Note which actions and input led to the error.

For further help in handling the problem, contact your SAP administrator. You can use the ABAP dump analysis transaction ST22 to view and manage. How to correct the error. DATA30' ORA unable to queue. Please inpuy the entries in the system log Transaction SM If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to. If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following.

I have pasted error log from sm I am Basis Administrator,so please do the needful. In almost all cases, this error is caused by hardware or operating system problems. Check the system, together with your. My Grid control 12C shows OHAS down, where as its up and running on host where my cluster is installed.

Please help me how I can fix this?? We dkalog facing below error while installing EP 7. Hi All, looks to be a new dkalog with the SWPM, dialov this note, but i still could not resolve my issue while instaling Java engine from BW 7. I feel the code is pretty simple, but can't understand what is the problem. Your help is required. Why is this happening? Hi Greg, thank you for the information. A picture its pixel is 16bits captured by INFINITY camera.

Then LabVIEW read it with the follow codes. But I get a trouble result. Who can help me to sovle this problem? When does the error occur? Please also read the follow Hi, We have a site which is used for replication. It says that you cannot read from redo joptionpane input dialog ok cancel 69999. These errors joptionppane that the file is unreadable from the OS point of view. Microsoft Windows [Version 5. Now it is working.

JOptionPane - Java Basics

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