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Posted October 8, by Joshua M Brown Why were the inflation hawks so wrong about quantitative easing? Absent velocity of money, QE could be looked at as either ineffective or actually causing a de flationary environment, vellocity capital is hoarded and everyone is too petrified to risk it on productive endeavors. In America, Japan and the Eurozone velocity has continued to decline since the financial crisis in Thus, US, Japan and Eurozone money velocity, measured as the nominal GDP to M2 ratio, has declined from 1.

Trafe, US money velocity is now at a six-decade low. For inflation, as defined by conventional economists like Bernanke in the narrow sense of consumer prices and the like, will velocity trade broker pick up unless the turnover of money increases. This is the problem with the narrow form of mechanical monetarism associated with the likes of American economist Milton Friedman.

Wood goes on to make the point that QE is deflationary because it shrinks net interest margins for banks via depressing treasury bond yields. It also enriches the already wealthy via asset price inflation but they do not raise their consumption in response, because how much more shit can they possibly buy? Finally, it leads to a preference of share buybacks vs investment spending because the payback from financial engineering is so much easier velocity trade broker more immediate.

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Velocity Trade ’s experienced sales and trading professionals offer both DEA/DMA and high touch stock execution services on Exchanges around the globe. Citi Velocity gives unprecedented access to capital markets intelligence and execution. Citi Velocity offers proprietary research, real-time execution and post- trade. DC VELOCITY is the market-leading media brand serving the informational needs of logistics and supply chain managers and executives with comprehensive coverage of.

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