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OptionsHouse has a variety of features that make a top consideration for online investors:. Trading successfully is a lot easier when investors have great tools at their disposal. The information presented in this site is not intended to be used as the sole basis of any investment decisions, nor should it be construed as advice designed to meet the investment needs of any particular investor. To view star ratings, summaries, screenshots, and more for these brokers, see our stock broker comparison tool. I would suppose, you get what commejt pay for.

Interactive Brokers is perhaps one of the most comprehensive stock brokers for active and advanced traders. For novice and less active investors, we recommend you look elsewhere. Prior tomost trades were placed by calling your stock broker who charged a massive commission. Discount brokerages allowed you to connect through computer software via modem initially, eventually via the internet and execute trades without human intervention.

These brokerages have a look and feel more or less like discount brokerages, but have features and pricing that mimic professional trading environments. Interactive Brokers is by far the most popular of these prosumer brokerages. Depending on your level of expertise and trading activity, they could be a very good or very poor choice for your needs.

Margin accounts require you to pass a credit check I think, or at least to answer some question about net worth. Before enabling futures and options trading, IB asks the account holder some questions about trading experience. It is Java based and will run on any computer system with a modern JAVA environment Windows, Mac, Linux, most UNIX-likes.

I have personal experience running it on Windows and Linux, and both worked fine. TWS is a very complicated piece of software — its basic functions are order entry, bookkeeping and charting. In addition it contains a kitchen sink of other features: news feeds, trading assistants for specific types of trading especially options stuffalgorithm support for unusual order types, etc. The security features built into TWS seem to be better than most.

Account login requires a physical token a credit card sized card with lots of numberswhich they mail to your house and which must be activated and used every time you login. Connections are encrypted with standard SSL encryption if you so desire. There are also fund transfer restrictions that should help prevent someone from transferring money out of your account without your authorization.

For my bread-and-butter futures trading, I use NinjaTrader, which is an add-on charting, trading and automation package that includes several features I like. For most users, the API just means TWS and third party products will probably work together OK. Since Interactive Brokers is the most popular prosumer brokerage, tools vendors pretty much have to support them.

There will likely be some minor wrinkles — for example certain tools may work with only certain TWS versions. But in general you can get everything to play together. Issues around trade execution how quickly your trades execute, on what exchange, and at what price are very complicated. In general my experience has been that IB offers good execution for most things — better in general than discount brokerages. But they are generally not quite as good as other firms specifically designed for the best execution on one or a small number of exchanges.

But in general IB is pretty good and is very good considering the huge number of exchanges they operate on. Compared to most other paper trading environments, the Interactive Brokers demo account is very realistic in terms of the price trades execute at and things like that. This allows you to learn the features of TWS and test out trading strategies in a more realistic environment without risking any real money. Deposits and withdrawals have gone smoothly.

I have heard this same positive sentiment echoed by other customers. Brokerage stability is a very complicated topic. Brokerage customers, especially those who exceed SIPC limits or equivilent outside the USare wise to be cautious. If you have an appropriate level of expertise to use the Interactive Brokers software, and their pricing model is attractive for the type of trading you do, then they are frequently the best available brokerage choice.

Full disclosure: I have been an Interactive Brokers customer for about 10 years and have overall had a positive experience. I have no other financial relationship with them. This review written by W from Off-Road Finance. In my experience, IB offers excellent execution; orders fill very fast at the best available price. But the real reason to use IB is the low commissions. Option trades often cost less than a dollar.

A few times, I even had money credited to my account for making an option trade!! And option assignments are free. Well having spent literally days on the phone with IB trying to resolve a withdrawl issue, I received a message saying that there wasnt an issue at all, the compliance dept had simply blocked the withdrawl, along with instructions as to how to close my account. Absolutely pathetic Interactive Brokers has developed some ok software for trading. This has got be one of the most obnoxious developments by any broker.

Interactive Brokers is basically forcing their customer to change their password every time they log on to the trading platforms or to the Interactive Brokers website. For this reason I can never take them seriously. There is better software and adequate security elsewhere. Hello all, I am writing to renounce my previous statement regarding Interactive Brokers having bad fills. Despite my lengthy mostly negative review earlier, I have discovered that I was simply having difficulties with my Internet service provider.

I apologize for the previous comments and ask anyone who read them to disregard anything pertaining in particular to bad fills from Interactive Brokers. I believe that this issue with my Internet service provider has also caused my TWS platform to crash eight times in a single trading session the other day, but neither the crashes or the bad fills are directly related to the TWS platform offered by Interactive Brokers directly.

However, I do feel that the Interactive Brokers platform, mosaic screen, and technical data displays on TWS, are somewhat outdated and clunky. Regardless, after sorting out any issues with my Internet service provider, my experience with Interactive Brokers has been relatively smooth, fills have been lightning fast, and the commissions are rock bottom and perfect for day traders that make multiple round trips daily.

Also, from what I understand, there are many other platforms that can be used for a fee with Interactive Brokers besides TWS, which is free, for technical analysis, etc. So, I have obviously decided to stick around and continue using Interactive Brokers as my broker of choice. I was hasty in my initial assessment of Interactive Brokers and should have contacted the broker directly to discuss these issues to try and discover the nature of the issues I was having rather than jumping to conclusions.

Thank you to Investorjunkie for allowing me to add some clarity to my experience with this broker so far. I decided to try Interactive Brokers because a friend of mine recommended it to me. Previously I had tried several other brokers, and none were perfect. Each of my prior brokers all had pros and cons. According to the friend who recommended me to Interactive Brokers quite literally everything would be perfect here for me.

So, I gave Interactive Brokers a shot. Their TWS platform has to be the worst trading platform I have ever seen, and streaming data is not free even with an account balance that meets day trading minimums. In fact, my first day trading there, I was not notified that the data on my live trading screen was delayed by 15 minutes, although I had seen this on my paper trading platform, but assumed that the delay only pertained to the paper trading platform.

That cost me a few dollars during live trading my first day at IB. I resolved the issue in a matter of minutes. I also noticed on my first day trading with Interactive Brokers that the fills were extremely slow. Sometimes I would have to adjust the order price on an already placed and unfilled order within the market price range after the price moved out of the range.

This had me scratching my head, but I figured I could manage with the poor fill speed and decided to give the next day a shot regardless. Interactive Brokers inability to fill orders in a timely fashion, cost me a few hundred on my second day trading there. Well, they filled my stops nearly instantly, but my entry orders all had major delays. One buy order was within the market price range for over a minute and still had not been filled.

It was so slow, I thought there may have been an issue with the archaic platform, so I logged out then logged in…still not filled. I cancelled the order, and reentered. I could have called the broker on the phone and had my order filled quicker that way. This cost me a large enough win that would have easily made up for my loss earlier in the day. I was literally sitting there…watching…waiting…with my order unfilled which would have been filled in an instant elsewhere.

My opinion, is that losses are always my fault, but when I can not get an order filled within the market range at near instantaneous speed, something is wrong. I feel like buy orders here take place so slowly that they must be going through a live specialist rather than a bot, or their bot and exchange routing which is randomized are junk…uncertain. If you like bad fills or no fills at all, this is the broker for you. The technical tools are all there, but they are clunky, outdated, and not customizable.

Online option trading virtual stock options flat rates just comment fact, I would suggest if one chooses to use Interactive Brokers to use their own preferred trading platform for technicals as I do. The pros of Interactive Brokers include their ultra low interest rates as well as per-share commissions. This is how my friend at Interactive Brokers convinced me to join him there. Needless to say, after only two days at this brokerage I have seen enough. I would suppose, you get what you pay for.

I think Interactive Brokers is cheap for a reason, and I think that reason has something to do with their TWS platform and their poor fills, if a fill is even executed. I think Interactive Brokers makes sense on paper regarding its interest online option trading virtual stock options flat rates just comment, commissions, etc. For a day trader Interactive Brokers makes sense, however, once there you will see that the idea is truly senseless.

I have no opinion on customer service yet, but they seem moderately helpful. I would rate their customer service as average. If I encounter any unusual fees or have difficulties withdrawing the funds from my account I will definitely report back here, but I do not expect any issues with the matter. Everything sounds great to me EXCEPT one show-stopper. It sounds like penny-stocks are a no-no, due to the per-share fee.

I must call and ask whether they have an upper limit on a single transaction. Customer service — worst I have ever seen. IB has worst rating for Customer service in other blogs also. I have hundreds of assignment every week. I had several thousand of assignments during the months of the financial crisis. IB saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars by not charging for options an assignment and exercise.

Commissions are virtually non-existent in IB. The fact that you pay almost nothing for trades make commission considerations absolutely irrelevant. This means that an options traders, hedgers, dividend capture folk and actually any other type of traders has no better alternative than IB. Interactive Brokers is the best online discount broker in the world. And by the way the IB stock has tripled since the publishing of this article. You must be kidding! IB is absolutely the worst broker in the world!

I have been in the business for 27 years and have worked with at least a dozen brokerage firms and none compares to how bad IB is. Their customer service is nothing short of pathetic. Their people are clueless when it comes to solving any problem. You remain on hold for hours. They never send your wire transfers when they tell you they will. You do know that they have been fined by the regulatory agencies for screwing their clients on hundreds of occasions?

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For more information please visit our disclaimer web page. For other discount broker reviews, please visit our best stock brokers web page. Learn wealth-building strategies to get you on the path towards financial freedom. Name Suggested For You TradeKing Review - Low Prices and Great Customer Service OptionsHouse Review - Unparalleled Trading Tools TD Ameritrade Review - The Perfect Online Broker? PaulV Well having spent literally days on the phone with IB trying to resolve a withdrawl issue, I received a message saying that there wasnt an issue at all, the compliance dept had simply blocked the withdrawl, along with instructions as to how to close my account.

Absolutely pathetic Ron Alterman Interactive Brokers has developed some ok software for trading. Bradley Paluch Hello all, I am writing to renounce my previous statement regarding Interactive Brokers having bad fills. Regards, Brad Paluch Bradley Paluch I decided to try Interactive Online option trading virtual stock options flat rates just comment because a friend of mine recommended it to me.

Well, I came to Interactive Brokers to try it. Pros: low cost brokerage Cons: trading platform, order entry, and fills Peter Scriabin ij: thanks for your very useful and informative review. Casey Ram Customer service — worst I have ever seen. TWS — not only clunky it is the most UNUSER friendly platform out there in the market. Jay Rice You must be kidding! Thanks, Michael Learn What the Wealthy Know Sign Up for Our FREE Weekly Newsletter. Wealthfront Helping make finance easy.

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