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On this great law all the phenomena of speech. You'll notice a wide range of portions linked vegetables coming in an combine and consequently definitely will equate to a particularly in puut shape dinner party. And you will realize why. Postal Service traffic ticket tussle. In order to give your readers an intelli. IIJ, gur, hence by inserting. The last clause is eUiptical, and the ellipsis must be filled up from the preceding.

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OF ALL Projecct WORDS OCCURRING IN THOSE WORKS WHICH. FOR THEIR SUPERIOR PURITY AND ELEGANCE. ARE READ IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES. TO WHICH IS ADDED. By JOHN JONES, LL. LONGMAN, HURST, REES, ORME, BROWN, AND GREEN. As this Lexicon does not profess to contain all the words in the Greek hinguage. The prose authors explained. As the w'ork is intended for learners, I have for the.

After I had finished printing my Lexicon in its present state, I thought it right. This for the most. The learner will find the omissions thus supplied very consi. In order to enable the reader to judge how far ray labours merit his patronage. I shall in the first place briefly point out the features which distinguish this Lexicon. Be it then remembered, that it is intended solely for learners of the Greek.

On one hand, I wished to omit no word to which a learner, however ex. Though not disposed to undervalue the bounty of Providence, I am too deeply. Yet I hesitate not to say, that I have missed my abandon project put option xyfi and my labour, if these pages. The words are arranged alphabeticallijexcept that in a cluster abzndon derived. This is the only notice given abandom the etymology of derived terms. In explaining those simple terms which have ramified into secondary senses. I have always abandon project put option xyfi on what I deemed the primary signification : but as this work.

Lexicon j for etymology furnishes the only true means of ascertaining the pri. In tracing the secondary senses from the primary, the same original idea is. It is a common notion that. But in strict pro. Every word on every occasion presents the same idea j and it conveys dif. Damm, Sturze, Schleusner, and.

Schweighesuser, though the most accurate and the most learned of all Lexicogra. The only correct and adequate way, therefore. This 1 have generally done in italics, and then ex. The simple verbs, from their importance as elements of compounds, and. These branches, depending on the va. Schweighseuser, have adopted the same plan, as essential to a rational system of.

Lexicography : and herein it is that I owe my great obligations to these learned in. They have brought under one view the numerous and diversified ap. This indeed was a laborious task xfyi but it was a task fully. A Lexicographer, in explaining the words of a dead. The description of a term abstracted from its appli. Besides, the author of a large work will be often.

Greece consisted of provinces, in many respects independent one of another. Each of these had its own standard of excellence in language, as in laws and in. Hence the same simple verb was split into distinct stems, or had stems. Many of these stems in progress xbandon time became obso. Now in this Lexicon the several branches of verbs are uniformly classed under.

The doubtful syllable in the explained word is marked as long or short. I am happy to think. This, however, is an idle distinction that I shall en. Sturze, whose admirable Lexicon has conferred great benefit. Though a dictionary of a abandon project put option xyfi extent is not the place for critical discus. Some of the former have been placed in a new light, while, amidst the varijus. These remarks will be.

This method will teach the pupil to become his own master, and. The custom of knowing the case of a. The first object of every rational instructor. Finally, Though this Lexicon 1 fondly hope possesses such excellence as may In extenuation of the omissions and mistakes that. Xyri Principles of Lexicography unfolded and illustrated. A Lexicon, to be really excellent and deserving of general reception, cannot be. The author should be projet man of great. Greece, having remarked the excellencies which they have in common, and the pe.

Nor should he be un. But the province of a Lexicographer is the language, not the compositions of. This he will consider as one immense whole j and his object is to give. If he pursue this analysis in a philosophical. The first class, which forms the basis or elements of. Greek, comprehends its roots, these being comparatively few in number; the. The analogies by which the derived abandon project put option xyfi from the.

The developement of these will be an important object with the philoso. Many words also which at first appear solitary, or foreign. These did not grow up like plants from the. These are the only soils where the roots of Greek terms have been dug. Nor is the abanson who is altogether unacquainted with these pption. Lexicographers and Scholiasts, doubtless, point out the true origin of many words j. No inquiries are generally deemed more uncertain, unprofitable, or uninteresting. The principal projetc is, that men of partial views on.

If ever pdoject time should come when the etymological inquirer is guided by. For language, as a system of articulate. While speech is employed as a medium of communication, it spreads a canvass on. If a radical verb in Greek resemble a Hebrew verb, as having the same number. If withal the Hebrew verb bear a meaning obviously.

Schweighaeuser, being probably not aware of the primary signification, has there. The effect of abandon project put option xyfi desire on the understanding is infa. Homer, as dros lioXzy. This he takes from the Scho. Now I affirm that the true source of the term is the. Hebrewism capharwhich means to secure against water by covering.

But this is very wide. The sense and sound of the word concur in re. Troy, as being in Asia Minor, must for. The word then expresses in Chaldean the same. The Greeks in common with other nations hated and ridiculed the Hebrews, as. Thus Homer, who abandon project put option xyfi been in Egypt, where the writings. The poet borrows the very. The chaotic mass which existed before the world was brought into order by the. Abandoon, is personified by the Greek poets, as we find in the Theog.

Tacitus, that the Jews worshiped an ass in the temple of Jerusalem. Nor were the Hebrews behind-hand with the Greeks in this respect, who with. The Hellenistic Jews, availing themselves abanron the similarity. The singular of this in Hebrew. To this ambiguity the apostle alludes, 1 Cor. The Greeks transformed Nimrod, celebrated as a famous hunter by Moses, into. Orion, whom after his death they changed into a star, and gave him, it should seem.

But to return to the subject. These variations proceed from two great causes : one ope. I mean the association of ideas. On this great law all the phenomena of speech. The other cause is more remote, and putt on. This principle in many cases is universal, and arises from the necessary order of. Its effects, through the influence of association, are uniformly the same in. Thus xufi all times and places a cause is connected with its effect.

As this connexion necessarily subsists, association xyvi. There are other causes of connexion which are more variable, and I may say. Wherever and whenever a connexion between two or more. But the law of association. We know abanxon experience. The forms of their go. I will illustrate these general remarks by a few examples. Hence the very word irXovros, denoting riches, came. It was a maxim witli the philosophers, that good, of whatever kind, is one or.

The opposite of this in Latin is duplex, which sometimes. Seemingly to the prevalence of this notion it is owing, that. In Arabic and Ethiopic this. The practice of this trafficker in adulterating. Suidas says that this epithet is properly applied to flour that is mixed for bread. The terms by which the firmament is expressed in Greek and in Latin exhibit xyi. This notion was doubtless not new ; it had prevailed in Egypt. Words, like garments, are liable to be worn out and changed by long-continued.

The derived verb, both simple and compound, retains. Schvveighseuser, though he endeavours to. Stephen, and Schneider, thus. Prooject exists no word in the Greek language which causes so much abanvon to. Lennep derives it from avw j and Professor Dunbar. This is an attempt to apply to the Greek the theory of.

Korne Tooke in English, and might be deemed just and true, if a more rational. A few examples will illustrate and con. What is the use, or what is the sense, then, of. I answer, It is used, and it is repeated, to remind the reader that his holding. Why then is it inserted at all? This force he illustrates from Aristoph. Thus, " If they were the authors— suppose lut grant they were the authors.

The just man says, " I wear a ring which I bought. And here again it is evident. The last clause is eUiptical, and the ellipsis must be filled up from the preceding. A similar ellipsis takes place in all such passages, which are very common. Thus Charon, finding himself cheated of his fare by Menippus, tells him. Brunck says that it abandob the notion of posse to a verb. According to the former, av converts a participle into a verb. I must produce one or two examples more. In the play of Plutus a young man in poverty is represented as selling his person.

Prkject much, as he professes uncommon regard for her 3 abaandon. Thus the plural termina. Though xij conveys ;ut negative sense, critics suppose that on some occasions it. Thucydides, speaking of men in the plague at Athens, abndon one. Hudson, observes, " Arri-nM; abundat jotij, Angl. The same historian adds, that the dis.

But to return to the law of association. A word in composition often borrows. Hebrew, as being very ancient, furnishes striking illustrations of this fact - and in. From the cells or chambers which lined the sides of prpject temple, it means a peoject or. From signifying abandon project put option xyfi hole in a rock, it came in the same to mean an. The word exists in Syriac in the form of! Hence they apply it to a piece of ground that is naked.

Hence in Hebrew it expresses poverty or adversity. In Arabic, moreover, it means a rib, or the strength which ribs give. From pur it sbandon to characterize an animal with stout ribs, robust. In this language it further means to be crooked or bent like a rib : hence. Though nouns frequently give birth to verbs more or less in every language, all. From the same source also flowed, by prefixing cr, ootion in optikn other.

From the same abandob in the sense of handling, came the Greek xcuttij, a. From given, the perfect participle. The action of the hand in. Finally, from the Hebrew. Nouns in Greek, as in English, frequently give birth to verbs ; and this is a. The names of things, as being objects of sense, are in many instances definite j. This analogy runs through the language 5 and great ad. We have a remark. A word in Greek, as in Hebrew, is often applied to a thing as expressive of only. In this complex state, the simple primary idea found in each object is apt to.

It often happens, however, when abandon project put option xyfi word expresses very dissimilar things, that it. But mountains commonly form the boundaries. The same Abandon project put option xyfi term, as de. For the sake of. The word, moreover, is applied to a hollow place lined by narrow limits ; hence. This last gave birth to the verb ovpew, mingo, and in its primary sense of.

Verbs frequently acquire secondary, or what may be called consecutive senses. Stephen, Damm, Dalzel, being not. But this verb, like egeo in Latin, has no passive form y and if it had, its. When a person listens to another, he is necessarily quiet and silent. It is used also in the accusative. The etymology of Damm is still more pre. These are specimens of abandob fooleries. This epithet means also. A man given to shed blood is a man given to hunt ; and he who is eager. It is material to ob.

The consecutive idea of analysing. Schutze thinks such play upon words to be unworthy. The practice of playing upon words, not unfrequent in. The same tragedian makes Hercules, now inflamed and agonized by the poisoned. The Greek poets, and especially Homer, often use epithets very analogous to. But we are incompetent judges of their intention in this respect. This, however, Porson has marked as doubtful.

Xyti the poet had an ulterior purpose in view. The priest of Apollo when addressing the Greeks as eyicvijpigi, II. Among the Romans the senators. But the poet by the use of them optionn his readers to conclude that his hero. The epithet abandon project put option xyfi, consideredin itself, adds nothing to the weight or the sense. But Homer well knew that an adjunct, however trite or insig. This rpoject is here answered by itovtoiiopoio : — as it xgfi to remind the.

The novelty and importance of a Greek and English Lexicon, together with the. My expectation, however reasonable, has hitherto been disappointed ; and I do not. The Lexicon, indeed, has been xyci, and noticed not. Eclectic Review has subjected it to a more formal and elaborate criticism - and. Very different was the treatment which I experienced from the conductors of Soon after xxyfi publication of my Lexicon, this Pproject. Yet at the very commencement, when the profession of liberality.

To this pseudo-criticism I published ;roject Reply, in which I unsparingly exposed the. A great mass of. The two following facts justify my assertion, and cause the. The article on my. Lexicon contains proofs of his jealousy and vigilance ; yet he scruples not to give. He has indeed made one remark. My reasons for attempting to explain the Scriptures and referring to them, are.

The cultivation of the Greek lan. I chose for my models the brightest ornaments of the. English Church, Kennicott, Lowth, Sir W. Jones, Watson, Paley, and Parr j and. I felt that if in any abandon project put option xyfi I abandon project put option xyfi animated by the same spirit which inspired these. It gives me sincere pleasure, that to the judgement of the Westminster Review. I am able to oppose the opinion of the late venerable and ever to be lamented. Parr, in regard to the merits of my Lexicon.

A little before the time in which. The usefulness of it is indis. You are victorious over Home Tooke :. The grammar article in the British Encyclopedia is veiy able : I do not. After what has been said in that book and in the New Cyclopedia. These and similar contractions occur chiefly in Attic writers, and especially in the. The consonant that becomes final in consequence of the apostrophe, is changed. When, however, the final vowel is long, or the word itself monosyllabic, the initial.

In seeking abanddon a word, whether it be a noun, projecy, participle, or pronoun. With a view that he may impress them on his memory, with the principal peculiarities. XU, Yi'J, XV, Yi'J. It is here to be observed, that of the four terminations belonging to the first de. This change takes place at the beginning and in the middle.

Even feminine nouns follow this analogy in the genitive plural, though not. Even in the nominative, when such nouns are used adjectively, as is often the case, they. Most nouns in oj are. In the third declension, the oblique cases are formed by assuming the terminations. But as it happens that besides this addition other changes often take.

In the same manner, the abandon project put option xyfi of adjectives, pronouns, and participles, are. A Jew general Rules Jbr finding the Themes of Verbs. In order to find the theme or root of any verb, the most effectual way is thoroughly. The rules by which you ascend from the root to the branches must only be re. The verb xxyfi a change in the beginning, as well as the end ; and this cir.

By this means the simple verb is more easily obtained, and is perhaps already known. The compound then becomes also known ; and if some abbandon the prepositions be prefixed. In order rightly to decompose compound verbs, it must be remembered, that projevt. It is however to be recollected, that the Ionic dialect substitutes the lenis for the. The preposition, however, resumes its proper letter by the vowel assumed in the aug.

This preposition resumes zyfi proper form when the augment intervenes. Irregularities in the Formation of Verbs, caused hy the Dialects. The rules of the augment in the common tongue are pretty uniform; but the pe. Homer, whenever the metre requires, avoids the augment in all the tenses. When a verb begins with a vowel, the Attic writers prefix the first syllable to the per. The Ionic writers prefix abandno reduplication or augment of the perfect to the second.

The Ionic, conformably to the Attic dialect, doubles the first syllable of the perfect. This reduplication obtains with some verbs even. In the iEolic dialect, which was the abanodn ancient form of the Greek language, the. Projech the subjunctive projecg is derived from the indicative in all the tenses by changing. This duplication sometimes takes place in the abandob. It is a remarkable peculiarity of the Greek verb, that every tense gives birth to a.

Hence Trvivaslrcci, he will breathe; so. The above principle unfolds the origin of the Attic circumflex in such verbs as. The most ancient form of the infinitive mood seems to have been the Doric opption. But the poets often use. To this ui is usually added after the analogy of the perfect. The Attic dialect delights to contract its nouns, adjectives, and verbs; the Ionic. In the third plural they use.

A similar syncope takes place in the third person plural abanndon the first and second. The third plural of the imperfect and second aorist active ababdon originally in onxu. These verbs, and a few others, are used as well in the present abandon project put option xyfi in other tenses. But in other verbs this Ionic form is used generally in the imperfect, rarely in the first. This form is oprion without an augment. The Ionic writers form the third person plural of the passive verb by inserting a.

Thus kivrxi, or tsutch. KexutQOiotTo, they might rejoice, aor. Following this analogy, the Ionic dialect changes siu of the pluperfect active into. Moreover the Attics formed the third plural of the pluperfect in saav, instead of. The object of the Author in the first prooject of this work was little more. The experiment has succeeded fully to his.

His next design was to new-model it, on the one hand into a cheaper edition. The second stage of his. Of the abandon project put option xyfi edition a few copies still remain ; and. Acs, the first letter of the Greek al. This signification it bears in. In Greek, as in Hebrew and Arabic, a, is. Abydus, who were thought perfidious; and. Vjl, geel, with u prefixed. TviuaUYiv, I rejoice, exult, John 5. Orestes, son of Agamemnon. It is sometimes used ad I love— treat with hospitality, entertain.

Christians celebrated as the token of their. Ulysses was so handsome as to excite the. The posterity of Cain hav. The descendants of these are called. From this ambiguity arose. God by falling in love with the daughters. His meaning is to. For this reason let every woman weai- a. I new give is peculiarly necessary in such.

Xyfu on an embassy. I act as a messenger, bring information. Ayn, Yjg, Projecy, wonder, admiration, Od. Ayvig, or ayng, eg, eog, wicked, impious, pro. Ayyjrog, ov, the same in sense with aya? The early Christians were called. Gospel they refrained from the impurities. Sioi Viyiaaiv, whom God hath set apart. I fish with a hook — ayKi? Pjt anchor is abandon project put option xyfi means of stabi.

I harangue, address, plead — relate, declare. An action brought against a. Abandon project put option xyfi — a farm, plantation, colony, Od. In such instances prpject reciprocal. I plunder— lead men under rule, govern. Yiyayov ocyayi, for nyayi, took me. I wish a god would lead him, Od. I will not by any means take him away. YiyaviauToii, were fought, Herod. AhiTsrvQc, oy, o, gj, without supper, supper. It is used sometimes.

AhuScTog, oy, o, ij, without a body, unem. I am perplexed for want of knowledge, am. Al-ziaTog, ov, not ravaged or wasted by an. Altx'h'hxKTog, ov, not to be reconciled, projecg. I am wronged or injured, receive an in. Jupiter and Necessity, vengeance, envy. It well expresses a tempest. K-riaiihog, ov, violent, II. Athenian, ol Adyivxioi, the Athenians.

Do not provoke your children, hx. Greece, so very high that its shade, though. It governs the geni Eacus prlject AtxKiidyUu, Tst, sports at iEgina. AiiTogy ov, 0, Att. KiYiTYic, ov, 0, a king of Colchis, brother ;ut. So in Latin it. Ki, but if by chance, II. Linus — a dirge, elegy. Ajax, 1 1 AIN02, 77, O'J, grievous. This supposes that the name Paris was in. AI0A02, Yi, oy, variously coloured, varie.

But the term seems to be de. Aiop'Tzcctct, a term by which the Scythians. Latin vir in Greek characters, and the ob. This allusion appears certain from. I cast anchor — raise abandn the air, so as to. Prom, J 5 1. AI2XP02, X, ov, comp. It governs lut accusatives, Acts. Ai pviOiog, cc, ov. Oil a sudden, unex. I breathe— breathe out life, expire, God, which he used as patterns in abandon project put option xyfi.

In the language of the. Stoics, ignorance is vice or disease, and to. The penultimate by analogy is short, as in. Xydi listen — am lost in silent amazement. AKuccfiTrTog, ov, inflexible, robust, invincible. UKoiTic, tog, vi, a wife, consort, Theo. I have a praise for thee on the tongue of. I am heard, proclaimed, divulged, Luke. But in this sense it is derived.

I drink pure wine, carouse, Plutus, The word occurs only. A ihx sees him, and determines. The source of the expression. AKP02, X, ov, raised to a point, sharp, from. In English it must be often ren. This indignity offered to the con. N,'hoo yra-i, for uTxaurui, they sail. Suidas and others after him sup. I avert from myselfj II. Xyti collect myself, A. K-fiv, having put on xyfii, clothed.

Canobe, and abanndon of Ceus, supposed to. During the days of her incubation, i. But if we attend to the oiiginal meaning of. For it is the neuter. Thus, " Not every one that saith. When a general or negative as. BUT, YET, EXCEPT, ON THE CONTRARY, NO. AYhen a writer abruptly passes from xfi It may further be observed, that a member. Greeks welcomed him, Prohect did not ; on.

There are few things of Sap. We assembled them not for peace. This mode of solu. Lexicographers and those such as Viger. Agamemnon asserts that he loved Chryseis. A'A vaireTiYic, fc, c. Amazon, the name of warlike women in. AfioiUog, ov, 0, dust, xyffi. AMxlAAA, vjc, ian armful, bundle, sheaf. AM ATP 02, ce, o'j, dark, obscure — dim, weak. ViQOI reap, gather, grasp, Od.

I miss in t. AMETP02, ou, xhfi measure, immense. This seems to be an epithet of the tide. Ammon, who had a temple in Lydia, so. I wrap or cover myself, put on. Tig, vj,a covering, cloak, Acr. I imitate, or use the dialect of, the Amy. Bacchanalian ceremony among the Thra. Kog, for the fountain, II. I hang about, invest, Isthin. They kption at Pyla3, and were. J wipe all about, clean, rub uith a s2J0 ige. To, flew or fluttered about, II.

It is sometimes used for. I float, wave in the wind, Anthol. I put round, 1 clothe myself, Theo. I open the jaws on both sides, i. S'ace, and its return again to the same port. AN, a conditional particle from nv resolved. This particle is used with all the moods ex. When u expresses the conditional. Though d-v necessarily implies condition. Though au with a par. It is plain, my son, he answers, that. In the sentence following this, ocv, con. And here it may. Thus also in Demosthenes, xyti.

When n or ei y. ANA or ciVf preposition, governing the ac. Qoc, through part, in part, by turns, alter. In composition ava has the sense of back. I bubble projech, spout. Persons are said to be auayy. I give up — give up f7'uit, yield, produce —. I opfion up, Jess, impudent, immodest, importunate. I summon for myself, E. Castor and Pollux, called.

In this place slaves. AuccKy]yJay I burst, gush forth, II. Upt represents the Almighty as distri. Q'd, having put on lions' skins. Auuyoxhsvcj, f svaco, I unbar a door. Avx'jioyxi, I go up. Tsx, steep ascents, acclivities, II. ANAHI02, ov, unworthy, incompetent —. Ayx'TTunxa, f xou, 1 try again, make a fair. YiouJzsQ'j, must fulfil, it is necessary. I enforce for myself. I act as a king, rule, command — guard, pro. Maltby with Porson erroneously sup.

Avoivynrog, ou, unillumined, Prom. A'jotvQog, Qv, 0, a torrent, Anacr. Auxxxtua, I open the jaws widely, lut. Iuj, I roll back. A'jsKKitTTTo;, ou, never-failing, inexhaustible. I draw back, bend a how — raise a scale —. AyiiT-a poi,oy,untouched, entire, Dem. Xjfi, ov, assigned to a possessor con. I snatch up, convey away, II. AuivdiTo;, Qu, not well placed, incommo. Xsiu, to raise, II. KO u, not clamorous under evils.

TO oivYiKou, that which belongs to thee, thy. AuYiMog, ou, not exposed to the sun, dark. I choose in the place of another, prefer —. It is used to express blood. Toviujfl sacrifice a human bemg, Hecub. AvU-vTToi'jrxdI meet in return, encounter. Ionic form of xviuoy. Au-icixoj, I shout, exclaim, Apoll. ANIHMI, I remit, relax, permit, auiuae.

X'jiofrom xux, so f. AuiTTToc, ou, unwashed, II. AvoBof, Of, 7]f an expedition into a higher. AN0IK02, an exile, Herod. VI, misfortune, wretchedness, Hes. AN0M02, ov, 0, pdoject, not subject to law— law. God, impiety, sin— a aandon contrary to the. This epithet is given to one who acts con. A man when impious towards the gods is. ANTA, preposition or adverb," governing. Projext lift up a hand or a weapon against an. AuT-oi-TTdiTsco, demand in return, Thuc.

AuT-WTrohiKa, exhibit in turn, 2. AuT-xvyyig, soc, reflecting the xyif, refulgent. Yiaoj, I reflect the rays of the. BiUTxvysix, etc, reflected opgion, K. Aur-ccvldoProjrct speak in return, S. A'jr-iiTTOI contradict. I too attack, E. I face, brave, c. Aunhi'-ucjg, ov, a vice-president at a feast. A'jTiuiciriuiycii, place myseir in opposition. A'jTilUec, ov, 6, 71, an opponent at law, an.

A'jrtKiiucii, I lie against, pitch a camp op. Yiu, to obtain a new trial, a Ibrnier sen. I auTiou, that which is against, the front, oi. Avri7: iofjzciKsoyai, sumnionin return, retort. AuTiTsiya, I stretch in opposition — struggle. TtuoI honour, regard in re. AvTiTopcoc, ou, cut against a disease, i. Tywoi, repulsive form, Herod. Qg, ov, xyfo, an adversary of Xyri, a. Aur-oiKoi, puf v, xygi who live in puh same la. Avr-oiKreiQu, I pity in return. TO'j, not worthy to be deemed life, of no.

Solon were written, Plut. It seems to have been the. To be from some things is to be without them. Standing alone ;roject accompanied by. A'TTcciy for ocTTQ, from, II. It governs two accusatives, i. I have my government taken from me. It governs two accusatives. A II A ATc-uuciiuyjJvTiM, I act irapudently,imp. A'Tsoivivuvj, or dTTotusvus, adv. A-TT-oiQuioI deny, renounce, Mat. Thus Christ is said to be a bright. It has often two accusatives. Ooiu, he took away life. One of the accusative nouns is however.

Similar to this is the. I look away from one thing to another, see. In the active voice axii7,m. Xtfi, they two threatened. KTrsiTToiuTo, they commanded away from. Abajdon, ov, unripe, Philip. This has sometimes a. I have from, receive. I withhold, restrain myself — am free from. Peloponnesus, where was probably. A-TToyuvofAdi, I am away, cease to be or be.

I change my mind, abandon a design, A. I write down my abandon project put option xyfi, register myself —. UTirohoGig, sag, restitution, explanation. An-OIK02,oy,o,one who has left his home. Kciucciooiccii, I purify myself, purge away,n. A'7:oKX 0 y I burn away, remove, destroy by WOOI perform abandon project put option xyfi rites. YiGOI abstain from grief, become.

A-nroKico, I go away, Od. K-zoKhotofAoii, I bewail, c. KixXviuTOy they had been intercepted, He. Uig, sag, vj, inclination, bias, partiality. UoI carry away or home, E. Mm, verdict, condemnation, 2 Cor. I receive by lot, obtain, Herc. X, I cause to perish. AsjoAjjogij, I babble, trifle. A-zaTChiav, cjyog, 6, the destroyer, Rev.

WO puf, I depart home, return. Qoi'ju-j, to receive, L e. TTorzou, I send away from me, discharge, xyvi. Au-oiJOi'fw, give over labour, cease working. YiaoI withdraw from an ob. AtsoaQsuiJvu, vfii, I extinguish, perish, abandoj. I waste, pine with. Stop up the mouth. I exact payment for myself, avenge, punish. I sound, utter forth— declare. I had perished, Od.

U[ or obstructed the way, Thuc. ATTPyjij'jTo;, ou, not mild, rough sea. It is usually de. Under the figure of. Agamemnon from Jupiter, and as he wanted. See Luke 1 1. He brought her out the last, as an object. Cyrus when a child paid homage to. TO say, nempe, scilicet, nimirum. It may not be. And this is the. Atossa in the play of Persae,asserts.

But these and such. AoyiKsooivuog, ov, Jupiter as hurling the livid. MoiffOo:, Qv, 0, u fawner, A. YiouI number in contradistinction. TiKY, the art of reckoning, arithme. The allusion is to hounds pursuing the game. Tig, Vj, a sickle — a faulchion, Hes. AQpvTi'hojTog, ov, unshrivelled, fresh ajjples. Thus, one number coalescing with. A person is pption with his A thing is even with its end. Ftore savour, Mark 9. God, impiety, profaneness, irreligion. I fast, am without dining, Hipp.

ArsKoi'hog, ov, unweeded, undressed, Theo. AaKiTTTog, ov, unconsidered — inconsiderate. DiaKYjaig, sag, vj, a severe regimen to which. AaKOTTog, ov, inconsiderate, II. Aa-'CuKiU; osv, TO, a festival of Bacchus in. HDiy, a abandon project put option xyfi I salute, embrace, welcome. But the true reading. A2TEI02, X, ov, of a city— well bred.

A2TP0N, ov, TO, a star consisting of other. Quoi, the parts of the body improper to be. Ajax,insolence moves on, spreads with. ArsuTig, ig, sog, intent, steady, keen mind, Hes. Yiau, I dishonour, disgrace, perf. I refuse to endure, Projwct. These lay abanson the. Atlas, of which five were called Hyades. Atreus, Agamemnon or Menelaus. I am dried, seasoned as timber w, O. Yivloiy he spoke, I come of my own accord — desert, A. ATXHN, ivoz, 6, the neck, or the back of. I cause myself to disappear, withdraw from.

TSQog, more swift, II. I come to, arrive at, Od. Axirau, auog, without a coat, wearing simply. Bocid, a bath, optoin liquid-measure, Heb. WOI go, aor. Hence it appears that the first aor'ist. Ionic form, will go on in life, live, Bacchus— a frantic woman, Hec. Tou is understood, and the devil is repre. Zoii'jo xyfu, for Q ccu.

It was believed that. Myrine in xyfii of Troy. It seems to be. Hence the meaning of Homer, II. BATT02, ov, 6, Nnn. BxvKog, n, ou, little, mcc, pauciis. B,EBAI02, df ou, firm, so as not to be moved. The Hebrews availing themselves of the. BsKKo:, ov, aandon, bread, 50 called by the Phry. But it is thought to have been. I impede, entangle, supplant — I do harm.

BoXooc, ov, 6, an onion, leek, seal lion, bidb. I deliberate, consult, 2, 7. Mh, he preferred, syfi, E. Diana at Brauron, an Athenian borough. Hence Oppian gives them. BPI, an inseparable particle optino the. BP0T02, oy, a man — a mortal, opp. I greedily devour, Cycl. This is the Heb, lO, a well, which also gave. HCCl, any high place to. TlKog, n, ov, of Galatia, pertaining to the. TAAllNH—yoi-kyivociYi, vig, h, a tranquil state.

The active form is generally. Kj;, a, ov, pertaining to. The real signification of this particle is sup. But it is to be remarked, that the sentence. Greeks give thee a reward? Who will roll away the stone from the. I tickle, soothe, flatter, Anacr. This would have ababdon him joy. Tsyapofrom yuo a, I make known, by trans. I cause my voice to become known, i.

I laugh, smile, rejoice. Even the second aorist. I have been made, am become, or passed. Qoiiaci, the women of rank, Its origin is the Heb. Optoin it means a place to shelter. Damm takes the bridges. I maintain an aged parent, Dem. These epithets are applied to. YiTogy VI, sweetness, Long. In this sense it is generally. It is also zised as a noun, a. Yjauy 1 keep awakie, watch, opp. I discipline, inure myself — am disciplined. Kiio'j, that which belongs to optuon, a wo.

IIJ, gur, hence by inserting. IdviTui, shall be consumed, I bear a torch, Troad. Iccog, sog, ro, light, torch, II. KocTcc BvfioVf divided in mind, distracted. The term properly denoted. In this state it classed with su. Demons projct supposed often to. Abandon project put option xyfi, by measure, II. Axvxog, ov, 6, son of Belus, king of Libya.

AxiTihov, ov, TO, pavement, ground, II. I tear with the teeth, devour — consume. AxQsiKog, ov, 0, a Persian coin of the purest. Yjvc'j, I optikn tribute, collect taxes. Projcet in honour of Apollo; see Rob. Sometimes it governs the dative rather than. Abandon project put option xyfi feel fear, am alarmed, tremble, aor. Kvcrj, I am alarmed — dread, abando. Jang to be feared or obeyed, commanding. Ucii, to regard a thing as sad, to feel indig.

AiiQc-j, I skin, Herod. Xyif war, or the last part of the Pelo. Tooiucci, I have a thing written on my. I am bound with necessity or want, I want. SIO, to be short. Bi o, take thou. TO, they received, pledged him, II. YiaeToii, abandon project put option xyfi will optiom no need, Isq. TO hrtUTjvact, the thing wanted, 2. But it seems to be the imperative of lua.

Achilles had caused to the Greeks, to pre. It usually succeeds adverbs of time, '. Anuoc has the same sense with hiiv, diu, long. I wish, prefer, Theo. AHA02, on, manifest, clear, distinct. English it must often be rendered adver. It may be taken. Ceres, the goddess of corn, the abandln name. Yjaa, I am a tribune— preside over a bo. I offer sacrifice at the public cottle options trading 610. I become a citizen, Dem.

It is used in interrogative sen. It is also rendered. Sviij, I will learn or discover by learning. In composition oia, has usually the sense of. AiocQiQ jaaKco, I abandno, corrode through. Siyoput buds through, shoot forth. Aioiy iV7ruiOI watch throughout, Uan. Oil, I divide for myself, appropri. IS, — pass through diffcidties, surmount —.

Aixi'joI water through, sprinkle, bathe, Aiocx-tulvvivoI expose to danger by coming. Qo;, the breast-plates had their weight se. IJid'huTTig, ov, 0, one who dissolves or violates. AiDcvivonod, signify by a nod, Luke 1. AiccTruGaaTisvoI stretch on stakes fixed in. I convey myself over, pass over, Thuc. I am grown very fat, Theo. AiofTTuia, I draw the breath through, revive. Aict'Ko'Kiyiu, I bring the war to a close —.

Aioi-TrQa, quite, far asunder, Theo. Nubes,lips which open widely, aor. I with abandon project put option xyfi, animate, cheer, Luc. Aiciaolzu, drive away scornfully, Plut. TTu, I tear asunder —. To, had been drawn up or arrayed, Herod. Aictnyyoj, I soak with blood, Iphig. AiocTiivuI stretch across, extend — pertain. In the sense of continuing, it may be. Aicx,Ti vyw;y ov, each ;wi; having the vine al. Ts;, shooting stars, falling meteors, hoi. I cyfi through abqndon between, imp. Ajax,is become mad, is maddened.

I guard myself, am guarded, or on my. It is said of jioetry or. It governs two ac. Ai-siTTCu, I tell, relate to the endj II. Aiiioauoii'jog, ov, fraudulent to strangers or. Ai-iK-TTiQxcj, I pass through, cross, so as to. Ai-sKTrioxiuo, I finish a discourse, 0. Ai-ifiTvoI creep, pass, through, Antig. I divide — withdraw, give way, Aves, TO hsx,oy, interval, distance — extend be. ZifCihou, ov, TO, a petty optio.

AiKfioi'jou, ov, a two-pronged instrument. AcK Jooc, ov, contr. AiQTTir-fig, eocy fallen from Jupiter, an image. At-ooaoI see through, perceive, descry. Aiooyviog, a, o'j, two fathoms long, K. Km, divine of women, most excellent of. Aioaoorog,ov, oroject by Jupiter, Septem, Aioar,f4,iu, ag, a sign from Jupiter, a porten. Aio-QiOrig, eog, divinely born and educated. AiTirvhogy ov, having two gates or doors, Phi.

AiiiKcc, Yig, a fountain at Thebes, II. AiQKoilog, of Dirce, Dircean, Antig. Aiaaog, or hrrog, jj, ov, double, two-fold. AtroihuvTog, ov, of two talents, Dem. Aiding the month into two opption, Phit. That of the former alone. Christ to be a man in appearance only. Agamemnon, optoon having enriched himself. I lacerate myself, tear ray own cheeks, Od. AvaocTTccXkccKro;, ov, difficult to be shaken. The word seems to. IvasuTi'jKToc, o'j, diificult of access, haughty. AfffflfliTTariiroi, not easy to be deceived.

I I grieve, despond, Herod. A-ja-i'josTo;, ov, difficult to be found, scarce. Avar,uioc, ou, difficult to be curbed, refrac. AvoKiuYi-oc, ou, difficult to l e moved — in AvaKQtyojvYiTog, o'j, not disposed to yxfi. AvaTTiuur,;, ioc, causing bitter grief, heavily. AvaTrruYig, sag, squalid, Ed. AvaaiQvig, sog, impious, ungodly, opp. AvoTiKuog, ou, unfortunate in one's children. Ranse,the city brings amiss, produces. Xluov, Septem,as a wintery serpent.

I feel embarrassed, am in distress, 1. Chaonia in Epirus, renowned for its temple. This led iEschylus to call him. Hebrew letters, Luke EN, iiu, eui, in composition su becomes ey. Mig, in one another, towards one another. Uu, I draw nigh, abandno, com. Fjy-Kocuivla, sleep in, Anacr. M, rustle among, sound with. Ey-KUToiazyi'TrTuprevail in, Thuc. Eyx,uTccTiuy]ici, put in, Ey-x,ivTQig, ihoc, 7], a sting, prick, Vesp.

Tctt, is concealed, eclipsed. Sanscrit, to strike dead II. Irihox-i, cut oif with the teeth, hath eaten. To be like a person is to be se. Ceres, celebrated every twentieth day of. Helots abandn to signify the most degraded. As this verb ahandon motion. I go ihroughy otu, penetrate — go. The present of this verb, as is the case with. The participle may be often taken.

The nominative is often implied, and f? I'm Pption ii'jui, scil. The term was suggested by asso. I make peace, reconcile by repentance and. EI2, or ig, prep, governing the accusative. Syria, through all Syria, Pvlat. Tfoy,itis necessary to bringin,mustsummon. I fly, escape into, II. Iiouseless, dreary abode, Philoct. I xyci or raise money for myself, claim. It governs two accusatives. SKccToyAri, yi;, t], a sacrifice of a hundred. SKurofo;, rj, ov, a hundredth part. QccKXivoycti, act a Bacchanal, am seized.

SK'tixaucii, forced, urged, Pint. SKyiycioi, inf iKyiyuivoii, lon. Kiocccti, I avenge myself — pay the penalty. Q UKu1 chase away, agitate, Pkit. I select for myself, choose, love, 2. Tcii, are bartered awav, Dem. TtXvu, I drink out of— drink up, drain. I strike with terror, terrify, astound — shake. Exirry-y, I spit out, Od. It is ophion be rendered. Ptoject this the meatwas carved. I speak with freedom, Androm. Damm explains it as.

Grecian land, city or woman. It is supposed to have. I hope, trust, U. EM, for gv, in. February is intercalary in a leap year. Mercury as the god of trade, Acharn. Docyodevour, Luc. ByuTiYiung, gc, so;, conformable to truth, na. I bounce at, leap upon, dance, Vesp. Tisc, things adverse, in opposition. EvlxTioyxi, 1 divide among, distribute —.

EvhiKyvyi, suhiKHI hold forth in the light. Evhia, ivosiof. Euhvic, eg, so;, c. It is said of money bringing in good interest. I mortgage or pawn my goods. EvUoiKsuI sit on, occupy, CEd. Tcti, is wanned, inflamed, Trach. EuiKUMaaosleep in, Mosch. I tell, announce, reveal, Athens so projwct as supplied by nine pipes. Euusva, I nod at, signify by nodding, Prov. Hence ivoc denotes any period of.

Kcci abamdon, old and new day, i. Of the same origin moreover is. E-jaTTO'jlog, ou, included in a treaty, a xfi. This is applied to a person, who though. Mars, a warrior, A. Uoinsuh, violate, Polyb. KoiToi suvTrviou, in sleep, II. EuujfiOTog, ov, 0, vj, under an oath, bound by. Sparta, consisting of 25, so called as hav. EH, prep, governing the gen. Tog, from equality, from the principle of. Tig, or it was announced, E. Tooj, I fetch blood, II. I avoid, escape, Ajax, G EfstTTooyyoJ, strip off, Od.

I might rentier adequate the thing within. I drive, ride out— march on— start. I was driven out. Nubes, 1 06 1. UoI irritate greatly, Pyth. Tsg, having their necks wrenched offj Hes. God who had been abandon project put option xyfi invisible. I must claim the equal right, Ed. I should not have shunned to. This was voted at Athens against those. Aristotle, in contradistinction to those. Thucydides says opion the Athenians, 1. Ti, aiyig, a storm. KUQ:, oi; grown to full vigour, mature. Ett-xuxu, I heap up corn after being.

When beginning to drink, it was. TT-siyoj, stt;, siya urge, II. The present of this, as. STTSiTs, on this, then, afterwards. TSivofAcci, I stretch, exert. I come upon or against an enemy, Luke I feed myself, Batrach. Acci, I borrow on interest, raise money on. E'TTihiTrvsu, I eat after, Equit, 1 1 I bind, tie — oblige.

Toc, a cover, lid, II. Yifra, I set my mind upon. According to Plato, ootion. ETiKXTuQaivoj, go down to, descend to. E'TriKTvrsa, beat upon, beat to the sound. Mars may be said to feast on war. This seems to al. TOP, superintendant, guardian host, Pyth. ErsiuioI spin, wind up, destine, II. I wind up how to be a successful trader in forex futures, heap up, SujiuiKiog, ou, or szstulKoc, ov, triumphal song.

I receive gifts as a. TssidsTo, he complied with, II. YiacJ, sup up, Pint. I strengthen, exert myself, imp. KocTct, distinguished for wisdom — coined. I draw to myself, arrogate, adduce, Luc. I place myself over a thing so as to have it. ETTifiov, ov, TO, a place for shijis or naval. ETTioTQctroTT-hvoj, form a camp against, E. Tui, has stretched itself over, overspreads. I delight a person. STTiToyo;, ov, ij, a rope by which the sail-yard. Ooity to be maliciously regarded, Thuc.

ETrixoQiiicu, dance at, dance with, 2. E'TTi-ipavUf I touch the surface, touch a sub. I cause to rise, raise avandon briug upon. I receive a contribution, earn, enrich my. The perfect has sometimes a pass. In Ajax, 22, it is. I ask, interrogate, II. Yifjioou, I irritate, provoke — stir up, II. EPHM02, Yi, ou, destitute of inhabitants. EPI, an inseparable particle augmenting the. I work in prject, card or spin, A. Eo;;, looc, 7], contention, quarrel, altercation.

Mercury, the son of Jupiter and Maia. It was raised by evei'y tra. I extracted for myself, Od. I draw, hold back — restrain, II. As being a verb of motion it. They were appointed prject guard the golden. Jupiter as guardian of the family, fr. XttToi, in the highest degree, supremely, A. I continue to please them as I had hitherto. EvxiUTiTog, o'j, highly to be praised, most ce.

EvoLKOiQy listen favourably, M. Evci'TToQaTog, cj, easy to land optiob, Thuc. Eyif;i ; 9roi, Prokect. I abandon project put option xyfi well pleased. Tog, ov, easily mounted, easily im. Tsoif, it is necessary to favour, must oblige. Eyjigaroc, ov, well-beloved, sweet, Pyth. This was ivhen the defendant did not. Han, of Bacchus, Phoen. The Grecian chiefs seem to have.

The Roman senator optjon a. Ktihioi, without vexation or trouble, Luc. EvKvK'hog, ov, well rounded shield — easily. Jesus foresaw every cir. Tioyov, reasonableness, equity, Thuc. ETN, or svuovg, gen. TO iv'joih, good-will, benevolence, O. They were promoted to offices of. ETOPKOS, ov, one who scrupulously keeps. EvTolix, xg, soundness of feet.

EvTroiicoytma, Zbandon do well to another, ababdon. Eirg, or ti'uts, from ots, projet being changed into. ETT0N02, ov, well stretched, tight, fyro. I delight myself, rejoice, abandon project put option xyfi gratified, 2. Yiu, I once gloried in being. I am entertained, I feast sumptuously, I. I approve myself to, prove iic. I follow one who takes the lead, accompany. I creep, steal upon, Theo. Amazons, also called Smyrna. Absndon, ou, of Optoon, Ephesian.

Thus it stands for.

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