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Earlier today, NASA announced funding for 22 projects as part forex broker review yang bagus its Innovative Advanced Concepts NIAC program. From a planet hopping laser-driven sail and a solar powered Venusian weather balloon to an autonomous rover on Pluto, the future of space exploration looks incredibly bright. To keep the pipeline moving for space exploration concepts, NASA regularly entertains pitches via its NIAC program.

For a concept to receive final approval and funding, it has to go through two phases of attrition. A peer review process vetts these proposals, and a lucky few get to reach second base. Phase II plans are then chosen according to their demonstrated feasibility and benefit. Today, NASA lrs 15 new Phase I concepts and seven new Phase II concepts we provided the complete list at the end of this article.

Here are a few that grabbed our attention. NASA has given the greenlight to cours sur les options call put pdf yi optoons but two Phase I sru that could set the stage for interstellar space travel. His idea would see the construction of an orbiting megawatt laser array with a diameter of six miles 10 km. The array would convert optipns massive laser power into electrical energy, generating enough power to enable long-distance travel of a conventionally-sized spacecraft on a reasonable timescale.

Significantly, this same architecture could deliver an metric-ton payload to Jupiter orbit in one year, opening the possibility of human missions to Jupiter. Conventional batteries would allow for a scant one to two hours of life, but under this plan, the probe would continually recharge pdr batteries using solar energy. Excitingly, under a Phase II plan envisaged by Stephanie Thomas of Optioons Satellite Systems, Inc. But unlike the whiplash New Horizons flyby mission, this plan calls for a stop at the dwarf planet.

Under the plan, the craft would arrive at Pluto in just four to five putt it took New Horizons nearly a decade to make optionz same journey. A major challenge will be in figuring out a way to decelerate the spacecraft once it gets to Pluto, where it will release its 2, pounds 1, kg worth of cargo. The Pluto plan, for example, may be too technologically demanding given the hypothetical nature of the fusion drive. For those plans that are approved, it could still take ten years or more before the projects are complete and ready for liftoff.

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