Windows vista repair your computer option missing 14

I don't have a set of recovery discs so the only option I have to perform a restoration is through the Dell Recovery routine. When ready, press the Next button to continue. Any suggestion would be welcomed. As vsta want to boot the computer from the Windows Vista DVD you need to press a key, and any key will do, on your keyboard when you see the above prompt. Cmoputer mentioned the recovery partition, upon opening Disk Management I see that there is Already have an account? My Problem is I'd like create "System Reserved" to boot from this partition using F8 key and "Repair your computer" instead of booting from the CD boot disk.

Kramer to joepwpb joepwpb to norwegian joepwpb to Kramer norwegian to joepwpb. I don't have a set of recovery discs so the only rrepair I have to perform a restoration repwir through the Dell Recovery routine. I must perform this restoration because I am unable to boot to Windows but can boot to Safe Mode and after hours of trying to correct this problem I decided to give up and restore from the recovery partition. Any suggestion would be welcomed. I'm thinking that if the option isn't even there, then tour doesn't have one and probably never did.

First create an image back up, from research there windows vista repair your computer option missing 14 a couple of options and I'd hate 1 not to work and loose data Probably close to ten bucks if they don't give it to you for free. It may be the simplest solution although it will require you to download all the drivers and install them. Probably two hours of work total. The recovery DVD will be just Windows Vista. If you know anyone with the same version of Vista windosw a Dell machine who does have a Dell Operating System disk, you can use theirs legally.

In that thread there was another procedure which seemed even more simple in that it invoked pcrestore. Are you familiar with that procedure? It works like a charm I contacted Dell and I was amazed that they would even have the discs let alone send them for xomputer I was pushing for a recovery using the partition because I wanted to avoid the repaiir process of reloading the drivers.

There are so many methods out there viata work with, getting the wrong method can create more issues than you started with. I think Kramer gives the vist path, utilizing a CD, which you didn't have, but any Vista CD would get the ball rolling. HP or Dell, well that is another matter and if you play with the wrong utility, instruct incorrectly, and the user isn't wise to imaging the HDD just in case As koitsu says "Why are you listening to forum replies from people you do not know, when there is a perfectly good technical support to talk to".

But then we have had those support techs who shouldn't be earning a wage. I'm performing that procedure now and ran into a roadblock. Optino drilled down in the recovery partition and launched pcrestore. I'll post the results. I didn't rely on any of the commands in that help thread I took a chance and drilled down to the executable in the Tools folder of the Recovery Partition and off it went!! Now I have been working on the updates after SP1 and SP2, what tour Thanks to all for your help.

I think all the work you otpion did. Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft [ Microsoft ] by BlueMist Computer ] by gwalk Is this a building stress crack? Just got TSI's 'Write the CRTC a letter" letter [ TekSavvy ] by MaynardKrebs windows vista repair your computer option missing 14 Dell Vista PC missing "repair your computer" Option I am not looking to perform a "Startup Repair" rather I am trying to access the Dell Factory Image Restore through the Repair Your Computer on the Advanced Boot Options menu but as stated that option is missing.

It does has a recovery Partition. Using the ImageX tool? You will have to load the drivers now, but at least they might be updated, something you would want to do anyway windowx a new install.

Fix BOOTMGR is missing Error in Windows Vista

Windows Vista ; Windows ; Repair your Computer is missing After press F8 I was able to see repair your computer from advanced boot options by which I was. Overview of the Windows Vista Repair options . Windows Vista comes with a rich feature set of diagnostic and you should click on the Repair your computer option. Aug 31,  · What are the system recovery options in Windows? such as missing or damaged system files, (If Repair your computer isn't listed as an option.

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