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Each day more traders make the transition to the FX Market. This article will help traders adjust to Forex after trading in other markets, such as stocks, futures or options. Welcome to Forex By James Stanley Each day, more and more traders find the ever expanding Forex market; making the shift from other asset classes for a variety of reasons. The goal of this article is to explain the nuances of the Forex market, highlighting tradrrs similarities and differences from other popular trading vehicles.

The FX Quote The first thing that most new traders will notice is the FX quote. When trading stocks or futures, quotes can generally be read easily, as they are one-sided; meaning when you read a quote on Google, you are looking at the price at which traders can buy or needee Google. However when you want to trade a currency, such as the Euro, you have quite a few options. If you want to trade the Euro, you can pick a variety of different ways of doing so.

You can choose to pair the Euro with the US Dollar. Or perhaps you wanted to make a different type of play and choose forex traders needed me rihanna marry the Euro with another currency, such as the Australian Dollar nesded AUDor the Japanese Yen abbreviated JPY. Traders can choose to trade the Euro in a wide variety of ways, based on their goals and prevailing opportunities in the market. We can also quote Google in terms of Euros.

Or sell high, and buy back to cover at a lower price for short positions. When we sell a currency pair, we are selling it relative to another currency. I would also be buying dollars. My goal in this trade would be for Euros to weaken, the Dollar to strengthen, and price to go lower so that I could cover my short position at a lower price. Five Digit Pricing Another key difference in the quote of an FX Pair is the fact that prices are offered, in many cases, to forexx digits.

Most markets are denominated in a much more common sense manner, using prices that resemble those which we see in our everyday lives, quoted to 2 decimal places. But in the FX Market, more precision is needed, and prices are quoted up to 5 digits beyond the decimal. The first three digits of this number are just like any other price that we will see.

In this case the Euro is worth One dollar, and 27 cents. The digits after help further define this quote. Another way of saying this same trader would be One dollar, 27 cents, and 21 pips. Below is an example of another quote, with full annotation. Many traders first entering FX wonder why such precision is forex traders needed me rihanna with prices. That leads us into the next unique aspect of the FX Market. This is much less volatility than many traders, including myself, are looking for.

In the FX market, leverage is available so that I can make these smaller moves work in the way that I want. For most traders in the United States, up to 50X leverage is available. Meaning, I could lever up a. Forex traders needed me rihanna thing that traders entering the FX Market have to keep in mind is that these excessive levels of leverage can be counter-productive. In the article How Much Capital Should I trade WithJeremy Wagner and Timothy Shea examines this exact topic.

Using fihanna conservative amount of leverage will help slow down the rate of capital losses when a trader goes through a losing streak. To find leverage, we can simply multiply the account deposit times the leverage factor such as 10X or 5X to find the desired position size to stay inside of their desired leverage level. Stanley To contact James Stanley, please email Instructor DailyFX. You can follow James on Twitter JStanleyFX.

Additional Resources: What is the Number One Mistake Forex Traders Make? When is the Best Time of Day to Trade Forex? Here is How to Trade Forex Majors like the Euro During Active Trades How much Capital Should Trader Trade Forex With? DailyFX provides forex news on the economic reports and political events that influence the currency market. Learn currency trading with a free practice account and charts from FXCM. Andre: To save American lives why not send one of his children and one Korea's warriors and let them fight it out.

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