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Trend Surfer - Similar to Super Precise and Default settings. Place trade poen no July 31 restriction FXCM recommends you seek advice from a separate financial advisor. Residents of Hong Kong are not eligible to apply for an FXCM live forex trading account at this time. An Error means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn't finish. Thanks for the Feedback!

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Forum content is generated by consumers for consumers. Share deals, money-saving tips, and more. It's FREE, fun, and addicting. Our customer experience team is here around the clock - real people ready to assist. Hot Deals Free Stuff Firex Topic Alerts Today Forum Search. Acconut, Laptops, and Computers. Movies and Home Theater. Testing 1 2 3. Just fforex an email from Zecco. Member Summary Thanks, US Been working forex open account 200, I should be und Did you ultimately send a copy of your original funding source?

Forsx IS DEAD: YOU CAN GET IN ON THIS DEAL ONLY IF Acvount WERE SENT AN Forxe Promo Link NOTE: THIS OFFER appears to be targeted only for current Zecco trading clients. The opening deposit can be oppen with a CC and appears to be counted as a purchase. NO Acccount credit pull 1 person has reported that the credit card deposit counted as cash advance. Worst case is the transaction doesn't go through if they try to run it as a cash advance then. CC companies don't let acount forex open account 200 through a cash advance limit like they might on your overall credit line.

Evan requested withdrawal after funding with a credit card and was told "As you have made several large credit card deposits to your FOREX. We reserve the right to send the funds back to the original funding source, which is the credit card in this case. Place trade anytime no July 31 restriction Bonus amount varies based on amount of deposit Cash bonus cannot be withdrawn within 90 days poen initial funding Limit one cash bonus per customer.

CashAd05 promocode mymoneyblog post terms highlights: open and fund a new FOREX. Initial deposit can be withdrawn at any point HOWEVER To withdraw cash bonus, initial deposit must not be withdrawn for a minimum of 90 days from the first trade Click to copy code and go to. Thanks for visiting FatWallet. Join for free to remove this ad. DreamKrusher said: and posted here Actually, this thread was first. Updated the QS with some useful info from the other thread that jackcrawfish found out.

The only reason this post was first was because I took the time to post links and ToSs I was logged in to my account within 45 minutes of initial application. That way, I believe if they tried to run it as a cash advance, the transaction would simply get rejected, and you could fund through "normal" methods. LOL, looks like I found the next temporary home for my Irwin Bank free HDTV money! Anyway: To qualify for cash bonus, you must open and fund a new Zecco Forex trading account by July 31, After first trade is initiated, fotex bonus will be deposited to your account within business days 1.

Existing Zecco Forex customers who have funded and traded are not eligible to receive this promotion 2. Warning to anyone who actually trades with Zecco, especially day trades with larger positions, I had their accounnt system go down on me about 3 times in a few months last year. Infuriated I waited on hold for almost an hour as not even the website was available. Never day traded with Zecco again, but tried multi-day position trading only to see more of the same garbage for a few months.

Left, never went back and am happy about it. Get in, get your bonus, get out. The Zecco Forex division seems to be run through Gain Capital, which is behind several other Forex firms as well, such as forex. This reverses any credit card rewards earned. I can't find any information on the Zecco site that clarifies this issue for its Forex product. So consider this note a warning to be careful--or to not count on the credit card rewards CreditGuy said: The Zecco Forex division seems to be run through Gain Capital, which is behind several other Forex firms as well, such as forex.

Thanks for the heads up! Do you have personal oen with forex. Can somebody explain a little bit how to trade option contract? I did my research, but still opem know how to do that at Zecco Forex. Or anyone knows another cheap way to get the bonus? Also, what about ACAT transfers to another brokerage openn then withdrawing the money. Here is some info. Self directed clients, please login to MyAccount.

If your account is being acount by a third party, or you are unable to access MyAccount, click here to request a withdrawal. If you funded your rorex with US Acdount There is no fee for withdrawal requests via check. If you funded your Zecco Forex account with a non-USD deposit, your US dollar account balance will be converted forx to the currency you initially deposited, and your funds will be wired back to the originating bank account.

Withdrawal requests are processed within two 2 business days of receipt. It seems like we can withdraw by check. Can anyone who has a Forex login confirm what options they have under their "MyAccount". Accunt this post in the locked thread. I did read that. But I can't find the right place to do it in their Java trading platform. Beats me on the actual performing it. I haven't signed up just yet, need to wait a bit before forex open account 200 payoff a forex open account 200 balance on my CC so I can fit another 10k on there.

Hard or accoun pull?? I just opened my Zecco Forex account. Please let me know your experiences on credit card funding. Credit card funding limit that Zecco imposed 2. How you funded your remaining initial deposit if there was a credit card limit. Was your credit card funding counted as a purchase or sccount cash advance? Do you know whether a credit card funded accpunt has to be withdrawn to the originating credit card this is common with FOREX brokersor can you withdrawal the money with a ACH or check?

Don't know why this is a GREEN post. DiscountSAE said: I just opened my Zecco Forex account. JTFH said: Dang it It says previous Zecco Forex customers. If you are just a normal Zecco trading customer, then you should still qualify. I got an email about it sent specifically to my Zecco Trading email, so I would certainly hope so. It may be a better deal for all of you if you have another forex trading account to go directly to www.

DiscountSAE said: It may be a better deal for all of you if you have another forex trading account to go directly to www. I don't see it on their home page. I know it's the same company, but the terms specficially state "zecco forex" and "forex. I called and asked this, they said that Zecco stock trading customers would indeed still qualify for the Forex bonus.

VerbalK said: DiscountSAE said: It may be a better deal for all of you if you have another forex trading account accohnt forex open account 200 directly to www. Kpen guess it would be worth a shot once we get the Zecco Forex bonus. When people check their credit card funding, post if it's treated as a purchase or cash advance please!

What is interesting about the Forex. Zecco is just acting as an introducing broker to forex. All tranasactions and trading are handled by forex. Let me know if oppen credit card funding is treated as purchase or cash advance once we know Gorex SURE. DiscountSAE said: What is interesting about the Forex. True, they are just a middle man like they do with their stock trading, through Penson Financial It just adds a layer of complexity, another disconnect between you and the actual exchanges that acxount forex open account 200 much more prone to screw ups.

After the first time I experienced a major Zecco failure and finally got a hold of someone at Zecco, the Zecco operator had to put me on hold to call a broker at Penson Then he got put on hold! I am totally new to options trading and opened account only for the bonus. Can somebody please post steps on how to put a trade for minimal amount?

It's not super clear on the web page. Don't think you can use AMEX I'm trying and keep getting "Invalid Credit Card Number" errors. Bummer, was hoping for 10k starwood points! That seems to be the magic number. Got accouht few phonecalls but as long as I kept the checks at less than that amount I didn't have to bother with faxing any forms Disclaimer: By providing links to other sites, FatWallet.

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Jul 19,  · Just got an email from Zecco. Open a Zecco Forex acct, deposit $10, and Get $ after your first trade Have to keep bonus $ in there for 90 days. % Bonus & Unlimited Withdrawals in time at Tradersway. Apply Online · Transparent Prices · Low Commissions · Demo Account. Get Up to $ Cash. Rollover Your Old K to an IRA. Don't Wait! 24/7 Customer Service · Fair & Objective Research · No Hidden Fees You have visited once in last 7 days.

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