Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors

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MLB Trade Rumors By Charlie Wilmoth December 7, at am CDT am: If completed, the trade will be Soler for Davis straight up, tweets Rosenthal. The deal is not expected to be done tonight, however, Passan tweets. Both Baseball America and MLB. Passan wrote earlier today that the Royals might soon deal Davis. Davis, like several other key Royals, is set to become a free agent at the end of the season, and it appears the Royals are getting a jump Maginers potentially big changes to their team by swinging a deal now.

Kelvin Herrera seems likely to take over Royals closing duties next season. The Cubs, who are losing Aroldis Chapman to free agency, have had interest in top relievers throughout the offseason, and have already been specifically linked to Davis. Chicago Cubs Kansas City Royals Wade Davis Washington Nationals. Ryan Barnes 5 months ago. It will be exciting as years go on.

Fun rivalry and both teams are good now. JDSchneck 5 months ago. Dmalsch22 5 months ago Competition next year and years beyond has nothing to do with the teams records for the past 10 years son. Your glorious Cubs only one one more game against us. Joe Shlabotnik 5 months ago Cards have been class of division and NL for a long time. Their current product is not competitive with the current Trzde. Deep down you know it. Wait until the bandwagon comes to a complete stop before attempting to disembark.

The last thing the Ricketts family needs is a lawsuit. You can keep your participation sticker. LOL… Are all Redturd fans as dumb as you, a. That says more good about the aMriners than anything. Bruin 5 months ago. Rondon setup man with Strope— he it goes they trade Soler,Trade Piece Johnson. Losing there catalyst lead off guy and there rental closer and no way Lester Lackey and Hendricks all pitch as well if not injured next year. Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors the future looks pretty bleak for the cubbies.

Bartis 5 months ago Lackey I would agree with you on. The stars aligned perfectly for Hendricks inthere was alot Marinegs luck on his side. The guy will not replicate the year he just had. Joe Shlabotnik 5 months ago. And Age of that acquisition, they should make a panic move, which Im saying never works. And I love Mriners competition between the Cubs and Cardinals. I think the Cardinals did great getting Cecil! It would probably take more but the Cubs would have some controllable arms for a while and the other team benefits as well, with the upside potential being that hopefully with regular at-bats Soler could really grow as a contact-power hitter.

Will be interesting to see who your Cardinals pickup for the outfield, watch it be Fowler! Yes, congrats to your Cubs in ! Very solid team overall, and with this Davis move, your team will be that much better than it already is currently. Epstein did a phenomenal job of Appearr a team that can compete now and in the future. Much respect for your team, and you take care yourself!

I really hope Kolten can turn it around and make better contact this upcoming year. The Cardinals are not far off from a great team. Long offseason and still a lot of talent out there for the Cardinals to look into. Never loved the Davis fit for STL anyway. Grandon 5 months ago. JFactor 5 months ago. I love what he volatility forex 2016 to the clubhouse and with athleticism, but he just had a career season in nearly every category at the age of I feel like any team that signs him to a long term deal will be feeling the pain by the end of year 2.

I think a team will be happy enough with his performance if they can get him on a 4 year deal. Another potential closer is slipping from their grip. Djones 5 months ago The Cardinals are now minor leagues compared to the Cubs conglomerate. As long as Theo and Co. The other teams might as well just sit out the next decade, or so. Amazing how things can change so quickly. The beauty of baseball is its Alpear.

The Cubs have one 1 one! The Chicago Bears were the best team that only won one championship. The Cards will be just fine. Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, Russell, Schwarber will all hit free agency in Great position to be in for the next 5 years—loads of young cheap talent—but that offseason may be expensive Angles the Cubs. He needs to go get McCutchen! NOballs Mo aint got it in him! CubsFanForLife 5 months ago. This trade is going to hurt the Cubs.

Soler gets it done, or with a throw in piece. Davis a free agent at the end of the year. How many young players are they going to give up for one year of a closer each year. What are Appezr going to do for a closer next year?? Eventually they have to spend World Series revenue and sign one. How many good one players to you give up before you do??? What has he done so far? At least Davis has a full year to offer. Yanks got how much for a half a year of Chapman? Davis is easily one of the adn relievers in the league.

And the Cubs have plenty of money, even for Davis and Otani, and other major pickups. Am I saying money is no object? Am I saying that the Rkmors are not even close to having to make choices like Davis or Otani? Joe McMahon 5 months ago. I could see Soler and a top Have any of you watched him play. If healthy he is a five tool player. Priggs89 5 months ago. Shane T 5 months ago. He has a cannon for an arm but he is not a good defensive outfielder.

He is particularly fast. He does however have massive raw power and a good plate approach. He needs to stay healthy to get consistent ABs and playing in a warm climate will help him. He is built like a linebacker and has had hamstring issues. LOTS of potential and controlled for a few more years. Brixton 5 months ago. He has one year left coming off a down year. Cease is a top prospect, and Soler still has some nice value. Also, it was almost impossible to repeat Cease, a top prospect?

In all of baseball? Soler does have some value. Cease is a pretty solid prospect in his own right. Davis should return far more than the bust soler has been thus far. Kayrall 5 months Apprar. Obviously, teams put a premium on those 60 innings, particularly once we reach the playoffs. Yes, Soler and LaStella each have 4 years of control left.

The question is, how valuable are they? They cubs have depth at the major league level and the minor league level in position players. They lack depth in the rotation. It makes sense to trade from a position of strength, not weakness. AJ Speck 5 months ago Wait. You think the Royals are getting Soler PLUS for one year of Wade Davis after a season that saw him miss time twice? Msvhs79 5 months ago Well the Royals GM just said this afternoon that he had no trades close!!

Yankees 5 months ago. Bill Smith 5 months ago. MatthewBaltimore23 5 months ago What would they give up? This also probably means the teams looking for closers are down to Washington, Miami, and Los Angeles. Perksy 5 months ago. Chapman is 28 years Age for crying out loud! A number of people thought that Miller was being overpaid when he signed his deal. Turned out to be a bargain. Oh, and closers and everyone else are getting more expensive by the day.

Matt Galvin 5 months ago. And none were ad off a injury riddled year. They will get a good haul Buusy not a great one. Some thing along the lines of underwood, candelario or soler and maybe another lesser prospects. Miller and Chapman trades also had trade deadline premium relative to off-season transactions when teams in need have more options. Miller had two years left. I would guess that KC would be getting a package centered around Soler ans return. Mikel Grady 5 months ago.

Blah blah blah 5 months ago. Joe 5 months ago. Cardinal Nation supported their team, but sell-outs were Ade rare. You could go to Busch the night of the game and get a good box seat! The fans are pretty arrogant. I guess they like to dismiss the Giants attendance and World Series accomplishments this decade! JKB 5 months ago. So much of getting Chapman was preventing the Giants or Nats from getting him. Evan O'Brien 5 months ago. He is the only pitcher in their system with ace potentional, Trever Clifton is the only other than Cease that will amount to anything.

Kayrall 5 months ago De La Cruz has TOR potential and is sort of projectable. Hudson has TOR ceiling but much less probable. Doug Anderson 5 months ago Also keep in mind that Davis had some arm issues in the second half of Soler is probably a fair price for 1 year of Appdar pitcher with real injury concerns. Bryzzo16 5 months ago. Maybe Soler, plus another top prospect plus a lower level player.

The cap is no longer as soft as it used to be. Wrek 5 months ago. Pretty sure the Cubs just gave up Torres for Chapman. So far — Soler is the biggest name the national media has attached to Davis. Moncada was supposed to be untouchable. Some teams a few, anyway are able to control the leaks. The Royals would leak bigger names if bigger names were there to leak.

Moncada was said to be untouchable, true. But his name was attached to Sale for months. Dombrowski plays things close to the vest. The only time the Red Sox were mentioned as serious players for Sale was Immediately before he acquired him. It was the same with Price and Cabrera in Detroit. You hear about his misses much later, unlike the Nationals, who may as well be using a twitter account to conduct their Bt talks.

I think Sale got the big head, suspended for not wearing the throwback jersey… Real team player there! Wade Davis gets injured often. Solar is the biggest name they will be able to get in this trade. Jimbo 5 months ago We already signed one of the best left handed relievers in baseball last week. Dude is a beast. KB 5 months ago Thank Markners for the Nats. Only if it is straight up for Soler is it worth the risk.

Soler and random minor leaguers at most. Anything more than that…. Has an often injured replacement level player. KB 5 months ago I like how you and your KC fans keep saying that, when it is evident he is the center of the package. ONLY names tossed around in these talks have been Soler and Davis…. If anything I am willing to bet EACH side adds some low level prospect to sweeten the deal. People need to wake up and realize that as of right now Davis is a strong likelihood he has a jacked up elbow that may need TJ surgery.

My fantasy trade which will never happen would be Bryant and Happ for Davis lol. Try Busyy starting with Federal and others. Maybe Lopez at most. Had an ERA around 2. Is Rondon that much worse than these supposed elite closers? At least not to the point you need to keep trading for a new closer. I really want Cubs fans to realize that. Kayrall 5 months ago Chapman heroed his way through the end of games 5 and 6.

Besides, you sure remember all of the wasted text your wrote back in July crucifying the Vogelbach for Montgomery trade? ChiSoxCity 5 months ago I watched about most of the Cubs games in The Cubs were forced to trade for a Chapman rental because Rondon was awful. He had few appearances early on because the Cubs were blowing teams out.

When they did use him consistently, he Marinesr a 6. The Cubs are better off trading him. Most people would say it did. JKB 5 months ago ChiSoxCity you are clueless. Sorry dude he was very Mairners. Maddon never lost confidence in him and obviously you do not watch the games but you watch Joel Sherman on MLB who kept saying that. Rondon and Strop got hurt at the end of the year.

If you actually watched the games instead of pretending you may be able to make an intelligent comment. Try thinking for yourself if you can. Or maybe its not a secret. Huge power with an absolute cannon. You saw what in the past was a career-ending injury, turned around in 6months by Kyle! Jorge has all the tools to be very good; he has to apply himself. But this is all a mute point now if Soler is confirmed to be BBut.

I do not like these rental or 1yr deals, you can never have enough pitching and good pitching at that. Cleveland infield is set. No real need for Baez. They need a 1b, OF. Like the Cubs, Cleveland came in First remember the WS and is not playing for Tarde future. If the cubs wanted Miller they could have gotten him and Chapman for Torres. Cashman is greedy and wanted 4 prospects and 3 throw ins. They are not and never were gonna wnd baez and Soler for him.

I want Chapman back but not if he wants mil. If he goes back to the jankees. They go to Wrigley next season. A one-for-one deal would Angele a bit surprising. I would have thought the Royals would have gotten a few players in return. I think he will though. This trade should help both teams without hurting either one of them.

He was always, in my opinion, the most over-hyped of the Cubs prospects. He might be a league-average or slightly-above OPS guy, but it will be weighted heavily by solo home runs. For one of the five best relievers in the game over the last three years? Mikel Grady 5 months ago Trade on trade off trade on trade off… hope Cubs get it done and just soler.

He has a cannon of arm and can hit moon shots. Crowded outfield he is odd man out. Nationals are running out of options for a closer. I doubt they will outbid the Dodgers or Yankees for Chapman or Jansen. If Davis is off the table their options are limited…. Soler could have been playing like he has been. Not for one year of Davis. Soler headlines the deal with two other prospects in the range.

Maybe Candelario but even that may tip the scales too far the other way. Dewees seems like a KC type player who they may ask about. Soler, Dewees, and maybe Galindo or another lower level mid grade prospect. Its Soler and maybe a low level prospect for wade. Your trading 1 year for 4 years. If anything cubs get wade and one other player. KB 5 months ago Chicago AM The Score is talking to Bruce Levine right now and he is saying it sounds like it is Soler for Davis straight up.

Hold up is the CUBS are looking for KC to ADD more to the deal. So all you KC GMs can go suck it. Still not overly thrilled with adding him. I guess one injury concern for another injury concern is fair though. If it was one for one it would be done. KB 5 months ago Because the Cubs are asking for more in return than just Davis, that could be why it is being held up. That or each team is getting their medical info together. Not like Wade Davis and Soler are the perfect models of health.

There has been no rumor along those lines. ALL indications from a guy actually there at the meetings whose sole Rumofs is reporting on the Cubs says it sounds like a straight up deal and that it will be announced tomorrow more than likely……… and KC fans STILL deny this. Bruce Levine is there and deals with the Cubs directly. All I am saying is from the Cubs reporting side it sounds like Soler for Davis straight up and that the Cubs have actually been the team trying to get more for Soler….

EVEN IF the Cubs toss another player in it will most definitely not be to the lofty standards that KC fans have been assuming and wanting from the sounds of it. My guess it will be Davis and Trafe random low-level Royal prospect for Soler and some random low-level Cubs prospect. IMO no one really has a leg up on the other guy in negotiations. Soler and Davis swap just helps both teams out. KC gets their desperate need for OF depth and their DH replacement for Morales in a young, high ceiling, controllable player in Soler.

It says Cubs are close to trading Jorge Soler to KC for Wade Davis……. Not Cubs are close to sending package containing Soler to KC for Wade Davis…… or Cubs are close to sending Soler and insert prospect name here to KC for Wade Davis. Royals fans, keep on hoping though I guess. Despite all signs and reports going against your hopes and wishes. KB 5 months ago ANOTHER reason no announcement has been made could likely be because the Royals are holding out for another offer from another team and have given a deadline for tomorrow morning.

KB 5 months ago Check out that update ans royals fan. Two arm injuries last year that both scream potential TJS. Get value while you still can. Soler can be a middle of the lineup bat for years if he pans out, and candelario could be the replacement for moose in KB 5 months ago Soler just needs to stay healthy and get consistent ABs. When healthy he has shown his serious potential. As a DH and part time OFer he should have better odds at staying healthy.

A healthy Soler would be one of the best offensive players in KC. He too is an injury risk. Royal fans in here REFUSE to believe that though. Because according to them and the mouse in their pocket it is KC who is sorting out who else they want Marinners addition to Soler…… despite 0 reports backing that up. Bottom line, announcement most likely tomorrow before lunch according to actual reports from actual reporters there actually talking to the teams…… not MLBTR message board hearsay and hypotheses.

The price for elite bullpen arms is ridiculously high right now. But if a team like Washington gets involved late the price might climb. KB 5 months ago Never said you were. I was just stressing the point as to why it is likely only Soler and Davis straight up. There has been no mention of anything other than Davis and Soler straight up. Bruce Levine was on the radio and he reports on the Cubs. His JOB is to talk to the Cubs about their moves.

From what he gathered is that it is Soler straight up for Trave and that it is the CUBS asking for a bit more. He said an announcement is likely happening tomorrow morning. Now flash forward 2. Royals fans will STILL refuse to believe this and continue to think a top prospect is going their way. IF ANYTHING it will be Davis for Soler and a Rashad Crawford-like minor leaguer…. I mean just look at the headline on this thread. JKB 5 months ago That makes no sense. You do not give away Candelario because he is blocked.

He still has value that you need to get back in a trade. You do not just throw him in for nothing. Candelarios value is high right now. So you move him before it drops and get a guy who could eventually help the Cubs 25 man roster. KB 5 months ago ……. Like reports are indicating to be the case. This will drive up the demand for other elite closers like Jansen and Chapman. We might see mil contracts for them after all.

Just hoping the Dodgers manage to resign Jansen. JKB 5 months ago This trade will have zero effect on Jansen and Chapman markets. Neither the Cubs or Royals were going to sign either Chapman or Jansen so it will not drive demand. One of the few dominate closers available off the market will drive up the demand. One less fall back option.

KB 5 months ago All but done. Funny thing is it sounds like it has been the Cubs holding up the deal, wanting more in return for Soler…. This is going Angel be good. Good night, see you butt hurt Royals RRumors in the morning. Getting the popcorn ready already for comment reading Ruumors mid morning…… pending physicals of course. Soler was expendable though with no place to play here……… oh well. I can think of worse players to roll the dice with than Davis. Best Case…… they have one of the better closers going in the NL.

OH how I hope for the latter. Well — until last season he was. I also think Soler is being a little undervalued by many. JKB 5 months ago Well said oct Soler is a young mlb ready Thess upside prospect signed already to a nice contract with many controllable years. That is what the Royals need and got. That control enhances his value tremendously. So many commenters on this site think this is fantasy baseball. A players value is determined by talent age health money and control.

Dodgers receive Braxton Garret, Luis Castillo, Cody Poteet from Marlins. He has a career 1. An injured Wade Davis last season had a Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors. Davis was on the DL twice last year for issues that are frequently portenders of TJ surgery. If Soler is a. ChiSoxCity 5 months ago Soler can be better than that, if he can stay healthy and play everyday. I could see him easily becoming an All-Star corner-fielder for KC.

He needs to shorten that swing up a bit, and lose some weight too. JKB 5 months ago His career WAR means Rumoors. He needs to be in right field and play every day. He is an upside play and the talent is there. ChiSoxCity 5 months ago. TheMichigan 5 months ago Soler, if he pans out, is a massive haul by himself. They already have a bullpen set now I see them adding a veteran lefty Anges Boone Logan for insurance. Then they should be going all in for a young controllable starter. ChiSoxCity 5 months ago Yeah, the Cubs should be active in the FA market for a young ace.

They need to find a replacement for Lackey after next season as well. Royals will have succeeded if Soler produces. Again, seems like good trade on paper for Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors teams. This a no-brainer move for Cubs. Not sure what the Royals are thinking with the returns recent dominant closers have received. I think they are selling low here. I hope the Cubs review his medicals very carefully.

This is a terrible return for one of the top closers in the game considering how much guys like Melancon, Chapman and Jansen are going for. With so many teams needing a new closer, the Royals should have been able to score more than a Soler type of player out of this. The Trqde seems to know something, which led to a lower haul. How hurt is Davis? Ultimately, even with upside his value is super depressed right now.

Absolutely mind boggling that this trade is in the works. If he can stay healthy as a DH he can be a. His ONLY issue is staying healthy. His elbow which led to two DL stints in BOTH are health concerns. BOTH have a possibility to be on the DL for most of the year. BOTH will be studs if they stay healthy all year though. Soler is 24 years old and has 4 years of control. Davis is 31 years old and has 1 year of control. Difference between Soler and a prospect is that Soler has shown glimpses of being a star player.

The talent IS there. He just needs to stay healthy. Prospects abd rake all they want in the minors but still bust hard at the ML level. Soler is closer to a guarantee than any prospect…… one more time, he just needs to stay healthy. Pretty sure KC has a fan favorite there who used to have a hard time staying healthy and on the field early in his career too. Pretty sure his name is Alex Gordon.

As for those saying Davis is this upper echelon closer……. So he Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors be headed to his 2nd surgery……. He did return to finish the year and will have to pass a physical…. So my I guess I got to cool my doubts over him. Short of going back down to the minors, deconstructing his swing for a year, and coming back as a completely different player…Jorge Soler is nothing more than a flyer.

Jorge Soler has none. With the price of relief pitching I would think they could have done better. JFactor 5 months ago For a one year deal and the Cubs can QO him after this year. And all it costs is Soler, a OPS RFer with 4 years of control. KB 5 months ago What exactly do people think they gave up for Chapman really only Torres…. Also, why do they keep comparing Davis to Chapman? Davis was a crap starting pitcher turned reliever and has only been doing the relieving gig for 3 years…… only closing for 1.

Then there of course is his elbow red flag. Kind of wondering if something was found during the physicals. Late last night they made it sound like the announcement would be mid-late morning like around AM EST. Chicago radio literally just said the hold up has been the swap of medical records…. Would rather see Soler used in a deal for a SP.

Joseph Anderson 5 months ago Go away Cards fans. Nobody likes you Please login to leave a reply. MLB Trade Rumors is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, MLB or MLB. Shelby Miller Considering Tommy John After Diagnosis Of Flexor Strain, Torn UCL. Dodgers To Promote Cody Bellinger. Angels Moving Garrett Richards To Day DL. Tom Glavine Part Of Group Working To Purchase Marlins. Giants Place Madison Bumgarner On Day DL After Dirt Bike Accident. Hoops Rumors Pro Football Rumors Pro Hockey Rumors MLB Trade Rumors.

AL East Baltimore Orioles. AL Central Chicago White Sox. AL West Houston Astros. NL East Atlanta Braves. NL Central Chicago Cubs. NL West Arizona Diamondbacks. Offseason In Review Series. Pro Football Rumors Cubs Close To Trading Jorge Soler To Royals For Wade Davis. By Charlie Wilmoth December 7, at am CDT am: If completed, the trade will be Soler for Davis straight up, tweets Rosenthal.

Send via email 0 Nationals Not Interested In Starting Pitching Main Mariners Reportedly Shopping Seth Smith newest oldest Comments. CARDINALS DO SOMETHING NOW. The Cardinals are straight up ASS! Check the teams record the past ten years and come back here and tell me who is the competition son. Competition next year and years beyond has nothing AAngels do with the teams records for the past 10 years son. In the head to head record for the Cards and Cubs waa 10 -9 Cubs.

However, the Cubs did finish nearly 20 Appea ahead of you and won the World Series, while the Cards missed the playoffs. Get lost grandpa redturd. No one cares about Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors your pre titles. Cards have been class of division Apprar NL for a long time. And Fowler is gone so that horrible streak is what your getting permanently.

Cards always have been and always will be competitive. They also won a few more Ade in October. Yes, this is what a bad Cardinals team looks like. You heard it here first…. With Davis being H. Doubt if they even make the playoffs. Lackey Thesr would agree with you on. Never talk baseball again…. A Cards fan whistling past the graveyard. Make a panic move? Why is this a panic move? Im referring to the fact that Ryan said the Angls should do something now cuz the Cubs are gonna get Davis. Aloha Cardfan, I agree wholeheartedly.

Aloha cardfan same to you! Cards always seem Marinrrs just miss out it gets old the cards should have gotten Davis and Cain Mo a day late AGAIN. Why so everyone can complain next year when they leave as free agents? Never panic, Moz is great at being patient. You can have him. Fowler has put up fairly consistent numbers throughout his career. Little more athletic, but it is a bigger risk. I think the Nationals should be more concerned about this than the Cardinals.

I always figured the Cubs were going to get Davis not the Cardinals. The Cardinals are now minor leagues compared to the Cubs Apoear. Hoping the trade is centered around Soler. Soler is not good enough to have a trade centered andd him for the likes of a Wade Davis. How would Soler get it done? Word is the deal is indeed centered around Soler. You must feel awfully silly now.

Not sure what your argument is. Would have to be a top prospect or several that are in the top Maroners I would think. Hope the royals get something good in return. At least two top prospects. I was thinking the same thing about you…. Not close to enough. He has 1 year left; Chapman had half a year left. Solers value has never been lower. Villanueva was non-tendered if I recall correctly. It looks like Davis for Soler, new report out.

I think that is well more than enough for a closer what will likely top out around 60 IP Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors the Cubs if this deal goes through. Yes at most snewbanks. That would be a major, major steal for the Cubs. They actually gave up way less. Actually more that enough. It makes absolutely Marinsrs sense for the cubs to trade their best pitching prospect in cease. Go get some coffee, you need to wake that brain up.

Well the Royals GM just said this afternoon that he had no trades close!! Excellent move by Epstein and Co. Soler and his balaclava on the move? What would they give up? And unfortunately the NY Yankees. Because it hurts the rebuild process by overpaying for another vet player with a bad contract. Soler,La Stella because could use a 2B and so on. Has to be something along the lines of what chapman Miller or kimbrel went for.

No Kimberl and miller had years of control left. Geesh are the Royals busy. Ian Happ should headline. No way Happ is moved in this deal. Yesssssss come on Cubs! Steal a possible weapon from STL! Soler for Davis and candelario for dyson or Duffy. Yeah Mrainers they stole Heyward last off season. I could see Cease MAYBE, but definitely agree that Happ and Jimenez will not be included.

Doubt the Cubs get a year of Davis for less than they got three months of Chapman. Oh they will certainly get a year of David for less then 3 months of Chapman. Chapman had no injury concerns. I was hoping the Mets would get him. Now Mariners and Angels Appear Busy But Are These Trade Rumors Giolito or Robles in that system. Absoluetly no way Dylan Cease is involved. De La Cruz has TOR potential and is sort of projectable.

Also keep in mind that Davis had some arm issues in the second half of Rumor has it that Jorge Soler jumped for joy and hit his head so severely that he is now unlikely to pass a physical. Wonder if LA is making a push? To get an All-Star, you have to give up more than Soler. The Royals are not going to give up Davis for Soler straight up. Sure they will give up Davis for Soler.

Neither is thinking you are getting Davis for Soler straight up. Yes People are thinking that. Soler and maybe a bit more but nothing of major substance. I wonder what Cubs and Nats are each offering. It seems likely the Cubs offered Soler. Robles is about all one would need to acquire Davis…. If Soler can get Davis, Robles is way more than enough.

Robles and fedde for Davis and Cain. What is the issue. The article says it hit snag. Reading is your friend. Cubs are like their fans, reluctant to trade any prospects. Please, not getting it done. Cubs are like their fans? The national Anges is wrong a lot. Leaks work both ways. Again, it depends on the team. I like the deal from the perspective of the Sox. Invalid user bad news for you.

Soler gets it done. The value these royals fans think wade Davis has blows my mind. So Chris sale goes for moncada and kopech and you expect wade Davis to go for just as much. He knows the value of closers but it appears Stop21 does not. Could just be driving the price up. What is the downside for the Nationals in getting involved? At this point I feel like the nationals probably were also involved in the outcome of the presidential race!

If you are going to give up Giolito, get Verlander then. And the cardinals sit with their thumb up there ass. We AAngels signed one of the best left handed relievers in baseball last week. When healthy, every team can use a Wade Davis. Thank God for the Nats. I love how people think soler will be center of package. I like how you and your KC fans keep saying that, when it is evident he is the center of the package. Soler is the centerpiece. Cain and Gordon are both better than Mwriners. Being better than Palmero is not saying much.

Lol where did that come from? In your dream do you want to move the royals to wrigley field too? Nah Kauffman stadium is perfect. Mriners, Zastryzny, Candelario or Zagunis. The Nationals Mriners only going to match that if they are out on McCutchen. My blood pressure goes up every time I read one of your books.

Chapman heroed his way through the end of games 5 and 6. Oh boy that guy hated Montgomery. Funny how he shut his mouth about it now. I watched about most of the Cubs games in He had a 1. ChiSoxCity you are clueless. I bet you spew this crap at the water cooler and all your colleagues secretly despise you. KB, you are such a tool. Do the baseball world a favor and quit posting.

Happ is the headliner. Well I guess we all know stop21 knows nothing. I can tell you that its not 1 for 1, Happ will be in the deal. When Trsde catches the ball…. Ok twohole so Soler cannot catch huh? He certainly put together a nice blooper reel in Aloha 1ed I have been a huge Soler fan since they picked him up, really wanted him to work out. The weird thing is that he was in and for the first part of the season.

Then he started getting called out on pitches about a foot off the plate and altered his approach. Now list that pitching staff and try to say it with meaning. Trade on trade off trade on trade off… hope Cubs get it done and just soler. Probably getting final offers from everyone before deciding. Soler learned how to play cf and bat left handed? No way Happ headlines this deal.

You do understand that the quality of each individual is more important than the number of them, right? Chicago AM The Score is talking to Bruce Levine right now and he is saying it sounds like it is Soler for Davis straight up. Levine says deal likely gets announced tomorrow. Because some talking head guesses like the rest of us we can go suck it? Because the Cubs are asking for more in return than just Davis, that could be why it is being held up. ANOTHER reason no announcement has been made could likely be because the Royals are holding out for another offer Mqriners another team and have given a deadline for tomorrow morning.

Check out that update there royals Ahgels. Soler just needs to stay healthy and get consistent ABs. Never said you were. Sorry for ranting at you. These Royals fans have just been delusional all day. That makes no sense. When did I say throw him in for nothing? Jorge Soler passed the concussion protocol after his unfortunate head incident earlier this evening and will soon be officially traded, pending yet another physical.

According to Nightengale, deal is done. Rumorx think Chicago will stop at finding a closer here. This trade will have zero effect on Jansen and Chapman markets. But he was different last year. Tampa Bay Rays send Jake Odorizzi to the Miami Marlins, Marlins send Marcell Ozuna to Rays; Los Angeles Dodgers send Kike Hernandez, Chase de Jong to Tampa Bay Rays; Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir, Trevor Oaks to Miami Marlins. Soler can be better than that, if he can stay healthy and play everyday.

His career Apoear means nothing. Or because they think they have one in Edwards and just want to give him more experience before he takes over. Bingo, we have a winner. Remember that one time royals fans thought wade Davis was going to bring a massive haul? Soler, if he pans out, is a massive haul by himself. Now that the Cubs have used up their Soler trade chip, I wonder if they actually will pursue someone like Archer….

Yeah, the Cubs should be active in the FA market for a young ace. The trade in itself has good value for both Marinees. Wait- the Royals ask for Rosario, who could be a Top 5 prospect, but accept a trade ans Soler who has yet to show any signs of being a productive major league bat??? Soler hasnt shown anything since his couple month first season and he looks awful in the outfield.

If this is, indeed, a straight-up trade of Soler for Davis, what a horrible, horrible trade for the Royals. Unless the Royals know something about Davis, this is a steal for Chicago. The scout take on him since being in the bigs is very down on his approach combined with his eye. Davis is coming off one of the best three year runs for a reliever ever ERA.

For a one year deal and the Cubs can QO him after this year. What exactly Marimers people think they gave up for Chapman really only Torres…. Go away Cards fans. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Please login to leave a reply. Desktop Version Switch To Mobile Version.

Angels & Mariner game 8-31-12

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