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Home Signature Series Atlantis — FC Clarion — FC Eden — LT Oceanus — LT LA LA LA Apparel Blog Register Our Story Contact. The LT is for discerning recordists in search of the most diverse and useful studio vacuum tube microphone. It offers a unique blend of classic and modern design theory which exhibits a smooth, rich low and mid-range as well as high mid and high timbre reminiscent of premier classic vacuum tube microphones.

From its attached, semi-permanent, suspension mount, to its three different switches housed on the microphone itself, Eden offers an endless palette of sound. Eden LT at a glance. Designed for ;ut most discerning ears in the business. Multi-voicing switch for three distinct timbres. Vocal shaping high-pass filter. Kick-drum shaping high-pass filter. Switchable patterns on the microphone.

Stunning appearance, built to the option, refined character. Pattern switching on the microphone. The polar pattern switch gives recordists the option of choosing between Cardioid, Omnidirectional or Figure-8 polar patterns. Having the pattern switch on the microphone, rather than options price predictor power supply, allows you or the artist to quickly and easily make your selection.

Although not as common today, we were inspired by the most admired classics when we decided to put this feature on the microphone itself. Vocal and Kick-drum shaping high-pass filters. Optiins filters are uniquely tuned to shape the low-end for two of the most commons trouble areas. In its default position there is no high-pass. With its very steep cut of the low-end, it removes excess boominess pjt might actually take away from a big sounding kick.

But feel free to try it on toms, vocals, guitars etc. Of course, it will be useful for many more sources as well. Multi-voicing is a process that can only be achieved in the microphone itself. The multi-voicing functions in Eden are specifically designed and tuned for this microphone and are not the same as the Atlantis. But for consistency we kept the same names; Forward, Neutral and Gentle. The Gentle position provides maximum control of bright or peaky sources or to achieve a very warm, vintage vibe.

The polar-pattern, high-pass filter, and Multi-voicing functions make for a vacuum tube microphone like never before. Premium components throughout The Eden LT uses our proprietary It uses a custom wound US-made output transformer for excellent control of transients. The vacuum tube is a modern EFs aged using a proprietary process developed by Lauten Audio.

The Eden LT by Lauten Audio is a modern microphone like no other. Omnidirectional, Cardioid and Figure-8 selectable. Vacuum tube, what is a put in options lt balanced. Custom power supply v to v compatible. Frequency response and polar pattern charts. HOME Signature Series ATLANTIS-FC Clarion — FC Eden — LT Oceanus LT Series Pt LA LA LA Listen Users Buy More… Apparel Blog Product Registration Our Story Contact. Eden LT at a glance Pattern switching on the microphone The polar pattern switch gives recordists the option of choosing between Cardioid, Omnidirectional or Figure-8 polar patterns.

Included Accessories Custom power supply Custom Hardcase Suspension mount. Technical Specifications: Frequency response and polar pattern charts.

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Se7en () Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. Eden LT at a glance: Designed for the most discerning ears in the business: Multi-voicing switch for three distinct timbres: Vocal shaping high-pass filter. Thank you for registering for our online Q&A on SuccessFactors and SAP ERP solution integration options. View the replay and transcript of our one-hour online chat.

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