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Investors who want to walk on the wild side have a couple of easily accessed alternatives: stock options and futures. But which is best? It depends, of traading, on your goal, financial savvy, time constraints and stomach for risk. Either way, small investors accustomed to buying mutual funds for the long term are generally told to stay away from stock options and futures, even though it's possible to dabble in both markets with relatively small sums, to bet on market moves or insure against loss through hedging.

Both are called "contracts" because they involve an agreement between buyer and seller to do something in the future. And each allows its owner to control a futuures block of the underlying stock for a fraction of the cost of the future trade. Trading options: Where to start? The stock options owner is not obligated to make the trade and will do so only when it is profitable.

A "put" contract has the right to options futures trading online yahoo at a set price. A futures contract, on the other hand, provides an obligation to buy or sell at the lnline price on a specific date. The stock contract owner who does not want to complete the trade can nullify it by buying another contract to do the opposite -- to sell if the first stock contract required a purchase, or vice versa. Options trading is common with stocks and related products, while futures have traditionally involved trading commodities like grains, or precious metals or currencies.

But over the years the two markets have developed a lot of overlap, so an investor can use either product ffutures bet on a otions, the market or large portions of it, or to hedge against a market drop. Options trading is often considered less risky because the contract owner is not obligated to spend more to buy or sell the underlying security. The trader therefore risks only the price paid for the contract -- trdaing "premium.

The value of an stock options contract, for instance, changes not only with the value of the underlying security but also falls as the time to expiration shortens. That's because an stock option to buy at a given price over the next 12 months would be more valuable investment to the user than one expiring tomorrow. Who sells options contracts? Futurds values are also affected by the amount of volatility in the underlying security. If stock prices are fluctuating wildly, trading an options contract tends to be more expensive.

Instead of a premium, futures contracts are purchased with a small down payment on the future trade. But if the investment starts to look like a loser, the trader can be required to put more money in, a risk not present futyres options trading. With either product, the trader has to keep on top of things, to beware of rising risks and to on,ine quickly to lock in a gain or avoid a loss.

Neither options futures trading online yahoo a buy-it-and-forget-it holding like a mutual fund. Retail investors are more likely to exercise both types of contracts to speculate on ups and downs rather than to hedge, Norden says, noting that more small investors could benefit from hedging strategies. Both options trading and futures involve a zero-sum game, futured a loser for every yahoi.

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Apr 26,  · "The decision between whether to use futures or options often comes down to timing Yahoo. Search. Both options trading and futures involve a zero. Trade futures and future options in combination with stocks, The risk of loss in online trading of stocks, options, futures, forex, foreign equities. The CME Institute is your resource for trading education. CME Group Options on Futures Guide. 11 Oct ; By CME Group Topics: General Education; The Basic.

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