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Alchemy Detrended Price Oscillator. Moving Averages Entry Strategies. That one move in two hours paid for 3 years at stockmarketvideo. CMF new 3 month high. Alchemy Bar Patterns Indicator. Your responses have been very detailed.

User Guide Help Join Now! Down on Big Volume. Up on Big Volume. New 52 Week Highs. New 52 Week Lows. Gap Down On Volume. Gap Up On Volume. CCI Crossed Below Sell. CCI Crossed Above Buy. Daily Range Straddle Lower Band. Daily Range Straddle Upper Band. Price Crossed Lower Band. Price Long put option example executive summary Upper Band. MACD Crossed below 0.

MACD Crossed above 0. New 26 Week Highs. New 26 Week Lows. RSI 14 Cross above alchemy trading tradestation order RSI 14 Cross below APO cross above 0. Abs difference of open and close. AVO cross above 0. Close Cross above Upper Acceleration. High Cross below Lower Acceleration. ASI new 6 month high. ASI new 6 week low. Aroon Down below Aroon Ttrading cross above 0.

Aroon Up cross above Bollinger Oscillator above Bollinger Oscillator Cross above Bollinger Width between 0 and 0. Bollinger Width new 1 year high. Bollinger Width new 6 month alcgemy. COG Cross Below 0. CMF new 3 month high. CMO below with signal cross. Price crossing below Chandelier Exit. CCI above and decreasing. Strong Negative Zlchemy with CCI of GE. Count CCI Days below Count Crossovers in last 60 days.

Count High crosssing Upper Bollinger. Count New 1 Year Highs. Count RSI extreme points. Cup and Handle Pattern. RSI crossed above EMA of RSI. Average Daily Price Cross. CCI cross above signal. Close above MA of High. Upper Bollinger Cross Average Upper Bollinger. CCI custom WMA reached new 6 month low. Close above day mid-point. Average Day Range increasing.

Day Point Range above 1. High above Upper Bollinger 10 days ago. MA Cross more than 20 days ago. RSI cross 30 before RSI cross DeMarker cross above 0. DPO cross above 0. PDI and MDI negative cross. PDI and MDI positive cross. High cross above Upper Donchian. High cross below Lower Donchian. Incomplete Double Bottom Pattern. EMV new 12 week low. ECO alchemy trading tradestation order 6 week low below 0. Fibonacci Down aalchemy 0.

Fibonacci Down near 0. Fibonacci Up near 0. Fisher crossed above lag. FO above 0 last 10 days. Historical Volatility below OBV middle of 50 day range. Interia above 50 and new 6 month high. IIO cross above 0. IMI above 70 with signal cross. IFT cross above IFT cross below 0. Close above Upper Keltner. Close below Lower Keltner. Low crossing Upper Keltner. KVO crossed above signal. KST Daily above 0. KST Weekly cross below 0. High above Top Linear Regression.

MA 50 crossed center Linear Regression. Price near Center Linear Regression. LRI cross above EMA. LRI new year high. LRS 6 month high. LRS cross below 0. Log RSI reached 6 week high. Mass Index cross below Mass Index Signal Cross. Momentnum new 6 month high. More Money Flow Index DMA and MA divergence. MA cross above 5-day DMA. EMA 15 crossed EMA Price crossing EMA MA 10 crossed above MA Price crossed below MA Close cross alchemy trading tradestation order WMA.

MACD Fast cross above Slow. MACD Fast cross below Slow. Close above Upper Tradestxtion Envelope. Price in bottom half of EMA Envelope. NVI is above signal line. Non OTCBB new 1 year highs. OTCBB stocks tdadestation MA cross. PPO cross above 0. PVO Cross above 0. PVI crossed above signal. PVT crossed above Average PVT. PVT new 6 month high.

ROC new 1 year high. Price near Lower Projection Band. Price near Upper Projection Band. Projection Oscillator cross above Projection Oscillator cross below QStick alchemy trading tradestation order above 0. QStick signal new 6 week high. Display RMI in results. More Relative Strength Index RSI RVI cross above RVI cross below Negative Slope R-Squared above 0. Postive Slope R-Squared above 0. MACD Fast Line above 0. Ratio of Close with Nasdaq 1 year low. Slow Stoch above Nasdaq Stoch. Negative 25 day RSI slope.

Positive akchemy price slope. SMROC cross above SMROC new 6 month high. Normalized SD crossed above signal. SD reached new 1 month high. Close above Upper StdErr band. Close cross below Lower StdErr Channel. SMI cross above 0. SMI reached a new 5 week high. Slow Stochastic below Double Stoch below StochRSI cross below 0. Dollar Volume Change cross 0. Close crossed above Resistance.

TDREI cross above Close above Upper Ascending. Close below Lower Ascending. TRIX cross above 0. TRIX cross above Signal. Trix Histogram new 52 week low. TSI crossed above signal line. TSI Histogram is above 0. UO alchemy trading tradestation order below UO decreasing and cross VHF new 1 year high. VROC new 1 year high. VWMACD Cross Signal Line.

VWMACD Signal cross above 0. VMA increasing for 5 days. VMA 20 crossing above MA tgadestation They are provided purely for informational and research purposes. Copyright - Vestyl Software L. Terms of Service License Questions or comments? Quotes delayed during active market hours. Delay times are at least 15 mins for NASDAQ, 20 mins for NYSE and Amex. Delayed intraday data provided by DDFPlus.

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The Alchemy TrendCatcher Indicators are a powerful trend trading tool that are very easy to use and they will help you to stay in the right direction of any market move. High-Speed Platforms. Low-Cost Trad $ Trades, 40ยข Options SpeedTrader - Low Cost Stocks & Options Broker. Everything You Wanted To Know About Trading Options [free course].

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