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The information in Spine-health. Artificial Disc Replacement technology has come a long way and thousands of spinal fusions are now being avoided. Not everyone is a candidate for the artificial disc, however. Penis Curved When Erect. Early motion in the trunk area.

For patients in this situation, this article provides an overview of the two types of back surgery now available: spinal fusion and artificial disc replacement ADR, sometimes referred to as total disc replacement or TDR. This surgery involves forming a direct bony connection between the vertebrae surrounding the painful disc s ; pain relief occurs by stopping the motion of the painful disc s.

There are a wide variety of options available with spinal fusion, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Surgical techniques include fusion approached from the front, the back, or both. A newer surgical option for the treatment of painful lumbar discs in the US is artificial disc replacement. The Videl disc implant was approved for use in the general patient population in Octoberand a second technology was approved in August With two technologies now available, artificial disc replacement is arguably becoming more popular and discussed more frequently as a treatment option.

With artificial disc replacement, pain relief is brought about by removal of the painful disc and motion is maintained with the use of a prosthetic implant made of Replafement with or without a plastic bearing surface. This is more similar in theory to the artificial hip, knee, and shoulder joints that Disc Replacement Options Explained Video surgeons have been using for more that 35 years to maintain motion and relieve the pain of arthritic extremity joints.

However, there is a significant difference in Relpacement only one of the three joints that are present at each vertebral level is being replaced, whereas a hip or knee joint the total joint is replaced. Fusion surgery is still by far the most prevalent surgery, and patients should be aware that most patients will not be eligible for a disc replacement as it can only treat limited types Disc Replacement Options Explained Video disc pathology.

Some of the considerations are the same for certain types of fusion and for artificial disc replacement. For example, an anterior approach is used for both an anterior lumbar interbody fusion and artificial disc replacement, which means that the risks and potential complications are similar for this aspect of both surgeries.

However, for the most part, there are unique considerations for each type of surgery, and patients are well advised to become as educated as possible when considering the two surgeries and discuss their options thoroughly with their treating physician s. Before considering any type of surgery, however, patients with chronic low back pain must first remember that not all pain is treatable by surgery. Failure of non-operative treatment does not mean that surgery is necessarily the next step.

Evaluation with MRI and x-rays may be enough for the surgeon to render an opinion, but other tests, including CT scan and provocative discography may be needed to determine if surgery is an appropriate and if both spinal fusion and artificial disc replacement are options. To help patients better understand their options, this article lays out some of the more important considerations for each of the two main types of back surgery for lumbar degenerative disc disease.

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Artificial Disc Replacement or Spinal Fusion: Which is Total Disc Replacement Surgery Video. both spinal fusion and artificial disc replacement are options. Lumbar disc replacement surgery is a treatment option for More research needs to be done before lumbar disc replacement is a standard option for degenerative. WebMD tells you about surgical options for two options: Artificial cervical disc replacement ; a few hours of your cervical disc surgery and then.

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