Binomial option pricing put option example kwl

BPA Bachelor of Professional Arts. ALV Autonomous Land Vehicle. AKD Alkyl Ketene Dimer. ANF Atlantic Nuclear Force. AZB Angular Z-Buffer ray-tracing algorithm. AIH Artificial Insemination by Husband. AJZ Australian Journal of Zoology.

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Illegal to publish, broadcast, rewrite or redistribute BDK Java Beans Development Kit. FUD " spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation". BOB Taco Bueno's Big Ole Burrito. IIE " the Institution of Incorporated Engineers [in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering] ". OTY [the whatever] Of the Year. YXB Year Commonwealth Treasury Bond. DDQ "2,3-Dichloro-5,6-Dicyano-1,4-benzoQuinone [oxidizing agent in organic chemistry]".

TCP "2,4,6-Trichlorophenol disinfectant ". TDE dichlorethane organochlorine insecticide. MDA "3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine synthetic hallucinogenic drug ". ABQ A Better Quality. PLU a code for supermarkets meaning unknown. SCB a sticker found on a small banana. BNC a type of video. AUC "ab urbe condita, or anno urbis binomial option pricing put option example kwl Latin: in the year, indicates number of years since founding of Rome ".

YXX "Abbotsford, British Columbia". ATH Abbreviated Trouble History. HRV abbreviation for Croatia. ANM Abbreviation with No Meaning. AAI "Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms". AUJ Aberdeen University Journal. AYN Aboriginal Youth Network. AAB Above And Beyond. ALQ Abraham Lincoln Quarterly. AJM Abrasive Jet Machining. AWJ Abrasive Water Jet. AJV Abrupt Junction Varactor. AWL Absent With Leave. ABF Absolute Bloody Final drink.

AOF Absolute Open Flow. AQU Absolute Quality University. AWT Abstract Window Toolkit java. AYV Abutilon Yellow Virus. AIS Academic Instruction School. AYG Academic Year Grant. AZG Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen. AGK Academy of Goju Karate. AIB Academy of International Business. AJK Academy of Japanese Karate. AGP Accelerated Graphics Port. ARI Accelerated Research Initiative. APG Accelerating Population Growth. AQL Acceptable Quality Level.

AUP Acceptable Use Policy. ABU Acceptance for Binomial option pricing put option example kwl Use. AII Acceptance Inspection Instruction. ATR Acceptance Test Report. AHC Accepting Houses Committee. ACL Access Control List. ARL Access Rights List. ASG Access Service Group. ASR Access Service Request. AUI Access Unit Interface. AIU Accident Investigation Unit. ADB Accidental Death Benefit.

APV Accounts Payable Voucher. AIM Accuracy In Media. ACD acid citrate dextrose. CUU ACM Conference on Universal Usability. AUN Acorn Universal Networking. AQP Acquisition Quality Plan. ALR Action Leakage Rate. ASH Action on Smoking and Health. ACX Active Control eXperts. AGN Active Galactic Nucleus. AUO Active User Object. ADO ActiveX Data Objects. AIJ Activities Implimented Jointly. AIO "Activities, Interests and Opinions". ABH Actual Bodily Harm. AGW Actual Gross Weight. AGZ Actual Ground Zone.

ANP Actual Navigation Performance. AML Acute Myeloid Leukemia. AMI Acute Myocardial Infarction. APU Acute Psychiatric Unit. ARF Acute Respiratory Failure. AUL Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia. AHM Acutely Hazardous Materials. AHG Ad Hoc Group. ADL Ada design language. QVJ Adams Massachusetts Library. ALN Adaptive Learning Network. ACS Additional Curates Society. ADR Additional Dialogue Recording binomial option pricing put option example kwl jargon.

AXC Additional eXtended Coverage. AEC Additional Extended Coverage. AVC Additional Voluntary Contributions. AKR Address Key Register. AYP Adequate Yearly Progress. AMF Adios My Friend. AAJ Administrative Appeals Judge. ACO Administrative Contract Office. ARE Admiralty Research Establishment. Binomial option pricing put option example kwl Advanced Attack Helicopter. AEG Advanced Engineering from Germany.

AXX Advanced Exchange Experiment. AXV Advanced Experimental Vehicle. AXL Advanced eXtended markup Language. AGR Advanced Gas-cooled nuclear Reactor. AGC Advanced Graduate Certificate. AIN Advanced Intelligent Network. AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive. AJT Advanced Job Training. AJP Advanced Joint Planning. APT Advanced Passenger Train. AQF Advanced Quick Fix. ARS Advanced Righting System. ASS Advanced Sensor System.

ASX Advanced Systems eXcellence. ATB Advanced Technology Bomber. ATX Advanced Technology Extended [Format]. AVS Advanced Visual Systems. AWM Advanced Warehouse Management. AXF Advanced X-Ray Facility. AEL Adverse Effect Level. ACY Advocates for Children and Youth. AEQ aequalis Latin: equal. AOT Aerosol Open Test. AET "aetatis Latin: at the end of, aged ".

ANC African National Congress. AVU African Virtual University. ACP "African, Carribean and Pacific countries ". AWB Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging right-wing political party in South Africa. ZAF Afrique du Sud code ISO de pays. ADS After Dinner Speaking. AHR After Heat Removal. ARO After Receipt of Order. AOE Age Of lEgends. ARH Agence rgionale de l'hospitalisation. AXT AGETOR XML Transformation. AXJ Agility Excellent Jumper.

AWF Aging Waste Facility. ALT Agricultural Lands Tribunal. ARC Agricultural Research Council. AUA Agricultural Unit of Account. AKE Agrotikon Komma Ellados. AAL Aid Association for Lutherans. ANB Aids to Navigation Boat. AAK "Aim, Attack, Kill". ADC Air Defence Command. AEM Air Efficiency Medal. AFB Air Force Base. AFH Air Force Handbook. AFM Air Force Medal. AHU Air Handling Unit.

ALO Air Liaison Officer. ANG Air National Guard. AOA Air Officer in charge of Administration. APZ Air Patrol Zone. AQA Air Quality Assessment. AQC Air Quality Control. AQD Air Quality Digest. AQG Air Quality Guidelines. AQI Air Quality Index. AQM Air Quality Monitoring. AQS Air Quality Standard. AQV Air Quality Valuation. ASO Air Staff Officer.

AAM Air to Air Missile. ATC Air Traffic Control. ATA Air Transport Auxillary. AVH Air Vehicle Handler. AWS Air Warfare Course. AWI Air Water Interface. AEW Airborne Early Warning. CVW Aircraft Carrier Air Wing. AHV Aircraft Handling Vehicle. AIK Aircraft Installation Kits. AOG Aircraft on Ground. AQE Airman Qualifying Examination. ATZ Airport Traffic Macd divergent metatrader overview. ASK Akademische Software Kooperation.

AGA Aktiebolaget Gasackumulator cooker. AHK Aktiv Binomial option pricing put option example kwl Kinematik. ABZ "Al, Bill, and Zorn Manufacturing, Inc. AMW ALARA Management Worksheet. AEH Alarm Event Handler. AKI Alaskan Independent Party. AYX Alaskan Yukon Explorer. AKY Albanian Kosovar Youth. YZA Albany Law School Library. AJS Albert John Stevens British motor cycle manufacturer. AEN Alberta Environmental Network. AWP Alberta Wheat Pool. ABW alcohol by weight abw. ATF "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms".

AYS Alexandia VA Youth Soccer. AKU Algemene Kunstzijde Unie. AVV Algemene Vrijinning Vakverbond. AEZ Alkaline Earth Zeolite. AKD Alkyl Ketene Dimer. AAW All Around the World. AAO All At Once. ACN All Concerned Notified. AFN All For Nothing. AIQ All Is Quiet. AJW All Japan Womens wrestling. ANA All Nippon Airways. AOK All OK alright. AOS All Over the Shop.

AOW All Over the World. APB All Points Bulletin US. AVT All Volatile Treatment. AYB All Your Base. AYW All Your Work. QQH Allegheny County Pennsylvania Planning and Development Library. AEK All-Electric Kitchen [ie no gas]. AFJ Alliance For Justice. ABY Alliance of Baptist Youth. ACE "Allied Command, Europe ".

AXP Allied eXercise Publication. AIW Allied Industrial Workers. AMG Allied Military Government. AUW Aloha United Way. AXO Alpha Chi Omega. AKX Alpha Kappa Chi. AKK Alpha Kappa Kappa. AZO Alpha Zeta Omega. AAT AlphaAnti-Trypsin treatment for cystic fibrosis. QOU al-Quds Open University. AKA Also Known As. ASB Alternative Service Book church of england. AAY Always All Yours. AEU Amalgamated Engineering Union. AWA Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Ltd. AAU Amateur Athletic Union america.

APA Amateur Press Association. AWQ Ambient Water Quality. AOZ Ambulantes Operations Zentrum. ARV American standard Revised Edition. AAA American Academy of Advertising. SWV American all-female soul performers. ABA American Basketball Association. ABL American Basketball League. ABS American Broadcasting System. Forex Mutant Trading System American Communication Journal.

ACI American Concrete Institute. AEP American Electrical Power. AEV American Emergency Vehicles. AEF American Expeditionary Forces. AEI American Express International. AFL American Federation of Labor. AFS American Field Scholarship. AFI American Film Institute. AFC American Football Conference. AHI American Honey Institute. AJH American Jewish History. AJI American Jewish Institute. AJY American Jewish Youth.

AJR American Journalism Review Periodical. AKF American Kidney Fund. ALL American Liberty League. AMZ American Maritime Zone. AMA American Medical Association. AMC American Motor Company. AMX American Motorcross X. AMS American Musicological Society. AMJ American Muslims for Jerusalem. ANQ American Notes and Queries. AJA American of Japanese Ancestry. AOU American Ornithologists' Union.

AOJ American Orthoptic Journal. API American Petroleum Institute. QQG American Philatelic Research Library. APS American Psychological Society. TVT American record company. ASL American Sign Language. ASQ American Society for Quality. ASZ American Society of Zoologists. ASV American Standard Version. UPN american television network. AUY American Union of Youth. AUH American University Hospital. AUK American University in Kyrgyzstan.

AVD American Vetinary Department. AWG American Wire Gauge. AWH American Women's Hospitals. AYR American Year in Review. AYH American Youth Hockey. AYY American Youth Yoga. AZL American Z Lines. AZA American Zinc Association. AZC American Zionist Council. AZM American Zionist Movement. AZY American Zionist Youth.

AJJ Americans for Justice on the Job. ALX America's Learning Exchange. MXY AMEX Mexico Index. ADK Ammosov Delone and Krainov atomic tunnelling model. AWK "Amo, Weinberger, Kernighan programming language ". AMY Ampere Modulated Yielding. APK Amplitude Phase Keying. AEX Amsterdam stock EXchange. AAN An Amazing Night. AFE Analog Front End.

AVB Analog Video Binomial option pricing put option example kwl. AAD Analogue Analogue Digital recording technique. ADD Analogue Digital Digital. AQT Analytical Query Time. ANE Anarchy 'N' Explosives. AOH Ancient Order of Hibernians. AMM And Much More. AYA And Yet Again. AUE Andrew User Environment.

AYI Angle of Yaw Indicator. ASA Angle Side Angle. AZB Angular Z-Buffer ray-tracing algorithm. ANH "Anhang German: appendix, of a book ". AXU Animal Expo Unlimited. AFO Animal Feeding Operations. AHL Animal Health Laboratories. ZBX Annawan-Alba Illinois Township Library. ADZ Annual Day Zero. AGM Annual General Meeting. ALF Annual Licence Fee. APR Annual Percentage Rate. APY Annual Percentage Yield. AQQ Annual Qualifications Questionnaire.

AYL Annual Yearly Loss. AMQ Another Moronic Question. AFQ Answers Facts and Questions. ATU Antenna Tuning Unit. ALH Anterior Lobe Hormone. AKZ Antiarmor Kill Zone. AIZ Anti-Imperialistische Zelle n German. AXE Antique eXercise Equipment. ALY Antroposofisen Laaketieteen Yhdistyksen. AOP Any Old Place. AOB Any Other Business. AQK Any Quick Kiss. AOC Apellation d'Origine Controlee. AKP Apogee Kick Planning. AQY Apparent Quantum Yield. ATJ Appendices To Journals.

ATQ AppleTalk Transition Queue. AMK Applied Materials Korea name of a company. ARM Applied Research Methods. ART Applied Risc Technologies. AKT Apprentice Knowledge Test. ADF Approved Deposit Fund. ADI Approved Driving Instructor. AQR Approximate and Qualitative Reasoning group. ASU Arab Socialist Union. AUZ Arbeitskreis Umfassende Zahnheilkunde. AZK Arbeitsnehmer Zentrum Koenigswinter. AVW Arbor Vitae Woodruff School. WXK Archaeologie library cataloguing. ANY Architecture New York.

AZW Architektur Zentrum Wien. AZP Archiv fuer die Zivilistische Praxis. AGQ Archives Gaies du Quebec. AUB Are yoU Bored? AYC Are You Crazy? RUX Are You Experienced? AYF Are You Finished. RUJ aRe yoU Joking? AYK Are You Kidding? RUK aRe yoU Kidding? AAX Area of Absolute eXclusion. AAZ Areas And Zones. ANL Argonne National Laboratory. AYE Argue Your End.

ALI Argyl Light Infantry. ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit computing. ADE Arizona Department of Education. AZX Arizona Stock Exchange. AJG Arizone Binomial option pricing put option example kwl Growers. AHP Arkansas Highway Police. AHE Armament Handling Equipment. ASD Armament Supply Department. APO Armed Forces or Army Post Office.

AMV Armored Maintenance Vehicle. AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle. AIV Armoured Infantry Vehicle. APC Armoured Personnel Carrier. AAC Army Air Corps. AAF Army Air Force. ACF Army Cadet Force. AER Army Emergency Develop a trading plan options juhu. AHN Army Health Nurse. AKN Army Knowledge Network. AKO Army Knowledge On-line. ANV Army of Northern Virginia. AOD Army Ordnance Department. APD Army Pay Department.

AQB Army Qualifications Battery. ASC Army Service Corps. AVR Army Volunteer Reserve. AWR Army War Reserve. AYT Army Youth Team. AOO Art lending Of Ottawa. AON Art Of Noise. ATD Art Teacher's Diploma. AID Artificial Insemination by Donor. AIH Artificial Insemination by Husband. AMN Artificial Mains Network. AOY Artist of the Year.

AFY Arts For Youth. AHH Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase used in tobacco research. AHS Ashland High School. APN Asia Pacific Networx. AZN Asian used in singles ads. AXQ Asian Xgames Qualifier. AMB Asparagus Mustard Blancmange! AHB Assault Helicopter Battalion. ACZ Assembly Coder's Zenith. AEO Assication of Exhibition Organisers. AJQ Assignment and Justification Questionnaire. ARD Assistant Resident Director. ASM Assistant Stage Manager. AYM Assistant Yard Master.

ANJ Associacao Nacional de Jornais. AND Associate Administrator for NAS Development. AAS Associate in Applied Science. AFA Associate in Fine Arts. AGS Associate in General Studies. AKC Associate of King's College London. AIA Associate of the Institute of Actuaries. AGI Associate of the Institute of certified Grocers. AIG Associate of the Institute of certified Grocers. AIC Associate of the Institute of Commerce.

AIE Associate of the Institute of Education. AIP Associate of the Institute of Plumbing. ASF Associate of the Institute of Shipping and Forwarded Agents. AIL Associate of the Institution of Linguists. ARA Associate of the Royal Academy. ATI Associate of the Textile Institute. AEB Associated Examining Board. AYZ Associated Youth for Zion. AKQ Association des Kinotherapeutes du Quebec.

ASE Association for Science Education. ASJ Association for Scientific Journals. APF Association for the Propogation of the Faith. AAV Association of Avian Veterinarians. ABI Association of British Insurers. ACU Association of Commonwealth Universities. AEJ Association of European Journalists. AGB Association of Governing Boards. AIT Association of Inspectors of Taxes. AJO Association of Jensen Owners. AJL Association of Jewish Libraries. AKG Association of Kew Growers.

AME Association of Municipal Engineers. AOM Association of Ontario Midwives. AUT Association of University Teachers. AWO Association of Water Officers. AWW Association of Women Welders. AYJ Association of Yugoslav Jews. AZH Association of Zoological Horticulture. AVY Association Viticole Yvorne. AZI Association Zen Internationale. APL Associative Programming Language.

ATE Associativity Test Equation. AXN Assurante Experts Nederland. APE Asterisk Placement Executive. ATG Asterix The Gaul. ASY Astounding Stories Yearbook. AAQ Astronomical Association of Queensland. AVZ Astronomische Vereinigung Zuerich. APJ Astrophysical Journal [Space]. ADW Asymptotic Distorted Wave. ATP At room Temperature and Pressure. ATM At The Moment. ABG Aterial Blood Gas. ATY Atividades Terapeuticas e Yoga. AMR Atlantic Missile Range. ANF Atlantic Nuclear Force.

AST Atlantic Standard Time. AWV Atmospheric Wind Velocity. AEA Atomic Energy Authority. AHW Atomic Hydrogen Welding. AMU Atomic Mass Unit. AWD Atomic Weapons Decommissioning. AWE Atomic Weapons Establishment. AYU Atomic Youth Ultrasonics. ALE "Atropine, Lidocaine, Epinephrine". ARN ATS Route Network. AFX Attack Fighter eXperimental.

AHX Attack Helicopter Experimental. AHO Attack Helicopter Operations. ARW Attitude Reaction Wheel. AGO Attorney General of Ontario. AGG Attributed Graph Grammar system. ACR Audio Cassette Recorder. ACA Audio Compression Algorithm. AES Audio Engineering Society. AJB Audio Junction Box. ARU Audio Response Unit. AVK Audio Video Kernel. AVI Audio Visual Interleaved.

ALM AudioLingual Method in teaching a foreign language. ADQ Audits of Data Quality. AEY Auger Electron Yield. APW Augmented Plane Wave. AWZ Aus- und Weiterbildungszentrum. AQZ Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungszentrum. ABJ Austin Business Journal. ANZ Australia and New Zealand banking group. AAP Australian Associated Press. ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ACT Australian Capital Territory. ACB Australian Cricket Board. ADT Australian Digital Theses program.

AGL Australian Gas Light company. AGH Australian General Hospital. AGJ Australian Guitar Journal. AHA Australian Hotels Association. AIF Australian Imperial Forces. AJC Australian Jockey Club. AJZ Australian Journal of Zoology. ALP Australian Labour Party. ALJ Australian Law Journal. ANU Australian National University. ARY Australian Rural Youth. ATO Australian Taxation Office. AVJ Australian Veterinary Journal. AWC Australian Wool Corporation. AWU Australian Worker's Union.

AXK Australian Xbox Killers. AYO Australian Youth Orchestra. AYQ Australian Youth Quartet. AHY Austrian History Yearbook. AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction. AXZ Auto Exchange Zaire. AZZ Auto Zentrum Zerbst. ALS Autograph Letter Signed. AED Automated External Defibrilator. AGV Automated Guided Vehicle. AKM Automated Key Management.

AQO Automated Quality Organization. AWN Automated Weather Network. AAE Automatic Assemble Editing. ADP Automatic Data Processing. ADX Automatic Digital eXchange. AFD Automatic File Distribution. ALC Automatic Level Control. ANK Automatic Navigation Kit. ANO Automatic Network Operator. ANI Automatic Number Identification.

AOI Automatic Optical Inspection. ARQ Automatic Repeat reQuest. AVM Automatic Vending Machine. ANX Automotive Network Exchange. ALV Autonomous Land Vehicle. AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. TAH "Auxilary, Hospital ship, MSC manned naval ship type ". AKV "Auxiliary, Cargo, Aircraft". AGF "Auxiliary, General, Flagship". ATS Auxillary Territorial Service women in Britain AVO Available Vehicle Occupancy.

AHT Average Holding Time. AOQ Average Outgoing Quality. APQ Average Picture Quality. AQH Average Quarter Hour. AVQ Average Voice Quality. AYD Average Yearly Demand. ADU Avian Demography Unit. AMO Aviation Medical Officer. AMH Aviation Structural Mechanic Hydraulics US Navy Rating. AFK Away From Keyboard. AIY Ayshire Imperial Yeomanry. AZE Azerbaijan ISO 3-letter country code. AQN Azimuthal Quantum Number. BJV Baby and Junior Violence.

BAC baccalaureat French school examination. BWV Bach Werke-Verzeichnis German: catalogue of Back's works. BAQ Bachelor Airmen's Quarters. BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters. BAM Bachelor of Applied Mathematics. BAJ Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. BAO Bachelor of Arts in Obstetrics. BBA Bachelor of Business Administration. BCA Bachelor of Commerce and Administration.

BCY Bachelor of Culinary Arts Technology. BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery. BED Bachelor of Education. EDB Bachelor of Education. BHJ Bachelor of Human Justice. BIE Bachelor of Industrial Engineering. BLA Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. BLL Bachelor of Laws. LLB Bachelor of Laws legum baccaleureus. BLS Bachelor of Library Science.

BMS Bachelor of Marine Science. BME Bachelor of Medical Engineering. BPE Bachelor of Physical Education. BPA Bachelor of Professional Arts. BPH Bachelor of Public Health. BRE Bachelor of Religious Education. BSC Bachelor of Science. BSF Bachelor of Science in Forestry. BSJ Bachelor of Science in Journalism. BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing. BSP Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy.

BSS Bachelor of Secretarial Science. BCH Bachelor of Surgery Latin: baccalaureus chirurgiae. BTE Bachelor of Textile Engineering. BTP Bachelor of Town Planning. BOQ Bachelor Officer Quarters. BXU Bacillus Xylanase Unit. BAK Back At Keyboard. BOH Back Of House. BOT Back On Topic. BYB Back Yard Breeder. BBE Background Block Error. BNN Back-propagation Neural Network. BKD Backscatter Kikuchi Diffraction.

BAI Backup Aerospace-vehicle Inventory. BDC Backup Domain Controller. BJE Bad Joke Ending. BQI Bad Questions Ignored. BYK Bajaj Youth Cycle. BFB Balanced Failure Biasing. BLR Balanced Likelihood Ratio. BTI Balanced Technology Initiative. BXO Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans. BLW Baldwin Locomotive Works. BVH Balgownie Veterinary Hospital. BGA Ball Grid Array. BAT Ballistic Aerial Target. BEE Ballistic Electron Emission. BMD Ballistic Binomial option pricing put option example kwl Defence. BGE Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.

BHU Baltimore Hebrew University. BBV Banco Bilbao Vizcaya. BLX Banco Latinoamericano de Exportacione. BZN Band Zonder FX Trading Risk and Controls Review. BDQ Bande Dessinee Quebecoise. BXD Bandwidth and Delay. BNH Bangkok Nursing Home. BHE Bangor Hydro-Electric Company. BEU Bank Employees Union. BXQ Bank Exchange Quantity. BIS Bank for International Settlements. BGZ Bank Gospodarki Zywnooeciowej. BOE Bank Of England. BOJ Bank of Jamaica.

BNY Bank of New York. BNZ Bank of New Zealand. BOS Bank of Scotland. BOZ Bank of Zambia. BVE Bank von Ernst Liechtenstein. BDW Banking Data Warehouse. BEI Banque europeenne d'investissement French: european investment bank. BWJ Banten West Java. BUV Baptist Union of Victoria. BWA Baptist World Alliance. BCR Bar Code Reader.

BHB Bar Harbor Bankshares. BSV Bar Separated Values. BWU Barbados Workers' Union. BJH Barclay James Harvest. BMF Bard Music Festival. BMR Basal Metabolic Rate. BCO Base Central Office. BDF Base Defense Force. BDZ Base Defense Zone. BDB Base Development Board. BDD Base Development Doctrine. BDP Base Development Plan. BXX Base Exchange Experiment. BHW Base Hazardous Waste. BLO Base Level Operations. BPU Base Production Unit. BSG Base Spares Group. BSB Base Support Battalion. BIU Baseband Interface Unit.

BSD Baseline System Description. BAS Basic Activity Subset. BCT Basic Combat Training. BEC Basic Emergency Care. BFT Basic Flying Training. BGU Basic Generation Unit. BGM Basic Guided Missile. BIL Basic Insulation Level. BII Basic Issue Item. BLU Basic Link Unit. BMU Basic Measurement Unit. BMT Basic Motion Time-study. BNU Basic Networking Utilities. BQT Basic Qualification Training. BQQ Basic Qualifying Question. BRI Basic Rate Interface. BCX Basic to C Translator.

BUT Basic Unit Training. BUU Basic User Unit. BWP Basic War Plan. BZS Basic Zirconium Sulphate. BZX Basic Zone eXpansion. BOI Basis Of Issue. BNK "Bass, Nixon, and Kennedy, Consulting Engineers". BGV Basset Griffon Vendeen Club. BIW Bath Iron Works. BMI Battelle Memorial Institute. BDG Batten's Disease Gene. BDU Battery Display Unit.

BLC Battery Level Computer. BRU Battery Regulation Unit. BCV Battle Command Vehicle. BGI Battle Group Interoperability. BMO Battle Management Organization. BTT Battle Technology Team. BAN Battlefield Account Number. BNW Battlefield Nuclear Warfare. BPV Battlefield Planning and Visualization. BVT Battlefield Video Teleconferencing. BVG Battlefield Visualization Graphics. BBG Battleship Battle Group.

BBZ Baukologischen Bildungszentrum Bremerhaven. BGJ "BayanGobi Juulchin Co. BMW Bayerische Motorenwerke German: Bavarian Motor Works. BCU Bayshore Credit Union. BYC Bayview Yacht Club. BWT BBroadcast Warning TWX. BLJ Be Like Jesus. BRB Be Right Back. BRT Be Right There. BJU Beach Jumper Unit. BIC Bearer Identification Code. BTQ Beat To Quarters. BPM Beats Per Minute. BWZ Beautiful White Zombie.

BYV Beautiful Young Virgin. BNI "Bechtel National, Incorporated". BNB Bed aNd Breakfast. BXB Bed and Breakfast. BIO Bedford Institute of Oceanography. BGQ Bee Gees Quarterly. BKQ BeeKeepers Quarterly magazine. BCE Before Common Era. BOY Beginning Of Year. BVD Belgische Vereniging voor Documentatie. BDN Bell Data Network. BDO Bell Data Network. BCI Belleville Collegiate Institute. BFC Belleville Flying Club. BGH Belleville General Hospital.

BPW Belleville Public Works. BRF Below Rig Floor Drilling Industry. BKA Below the Knee Amputation. BTZ Below the Treatment Zone. BZE Below Zero Entertainment. BWK Belt Weather Kit. BSU Bench Scale Unit. BNR Bengal Nagpur Railway. BZM BenZoic acid phenylMethylester. BDT Berkeley Design Technology. BFX Berkeley Festival and Exhibition. BQS Berkeley Quality Software. BUJ Berkeley Undergraduate Journal. BZC Berkeley Zen Center. BYT Berkhamsted Youth Theatre. BXY Berkshire Crossed with Yorkshire.

BIZ Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung. BSX Bermuda Stock Exchange. BJY Bernard Johnson Young architects. BIK Berner Institut fuer Kinesiologie. BQN Berufsqualifizierung fuer Nachwuchskraefte. BIQ "Beschaeftigung- Industrieflaechenmanagement- und Qualifizierungsgesellschaft". BQZ Besehaeftigungs und Qualifizierungs. BQG Besehaeftigungs und Qualifizierungsgesellschaft.

BAZ Best Atom Zeta basis set. BBY Best Boats Yachting. BEJ Best Engineering Judgement. BEB Best Ever Bottled. BFF Best Friends Forever. BPJ Best Professional Judgment. BXZ Beta Chi Zeta. BYX Beta Upsilon Chi. BQA Beta-test Questions and Answers. BQR Beta-test Questions and Responses. BUK Betrieblich Unterstuetzte Kinderbetreuung. BHG Better Homes and Gardens. BTL Better Than Life. BSR Beyond Sensor Range. BVR Beyond Visual Range.

BXW Beyond Xtreme Wrestling. BJP Bharatiya Janata Party Indian political party. BKU Bharatiya Kisan Union. BGK Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook kinetic-theory model for reactive collisions. BUZ Biblioteca Universitaria de Zaragoza. BJZ Bibliothek des Japan-Zentrum. BMX Bicycle Moto-cross X. BFQ Bid for Quotation. BZJ Bielzka Zadymka Jazzowa. BAD Big Audio Dynamite. BBT Big Bang Theory.

BBW Big Beautiful Woman. BXF Big eXplosion Factory. BXG Big eXplosion Generator. BFZ Big Fat Zero. BFD Big Freakin' Deal. BFH Big Freaking Hammer. BFG Big Friendly Giant. BFK Big Friendly Kiss. BGB Big Green Book. BMZ Big Movie Zone. BQD Big Question Dialogue. BUM Big Ugly Monster. BWX Big Wide eXpanse. BYG Big Yellow Gorilla. BYM Big Yoga Muffin UK band. BJQ "Big, Juicy and Quick". BJG "Big, Juicy, Gorgeous".

BQY Bike Quads Youth. BHL Bilateral Hearing Loss. BQJ Bilateral Quarantine Judgment. BKE Bildungsinstitut fuer Kommunikations- und Entwicklungsprozesse. BRJ Bilingual Research Journal. BOM Bill Of Materials. BJK Billie Jean King. BVC Billing Validation Center. BYA Billions of Years Ago. BCW Binary Chemical Weapon. BCD Binary Coded Decimal. BCL Binary Coded Language. BXT Binary Expression Tree. BIX Binary Information eXchange.

HQX Binhex File Name Extension. BNV "Binoculars, Night Viewing". BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand. BEW Biological Equivalent Weight. BWD Biological Warfare Defense. BIG Bionet Intelligent Gateway. BPB BIOS Parameter Block. BJT Bi-polar Junction Transistor. BOW Birds Of War. BKC Birmingham Kennel Club. BWG Birmingham Wire Gauge. BTK Birth Through Knowledge. BID "bis in die Latin, twice a day, prescription dosage ".

BGO Bismuth Germanium Oxide. BER Bit Error Rate. BKL Bit Keeper Linux. BRR Bit Rate Reduction. BTR Bit Transfer Rate. BZR Bit Zone Recording. BPI Bits Per Inch. BPP Bits Per Pixel. BPS Bits Per Second. BBR Black Body Radiation. BVQ Black Voice Quarterly. BWL Black Women Lawyers. BCJ Blackberry Creek Journal. BYI Blackfeet Youth Initiative. BHY BlackRock High Yield Trust. BNO Bladder Neck Obstruction. BFA Blank Firing Attachment.

BVM Blessed Virgin Mary. BCC Blind Carbon Copy. BRC Blind Rehabilitation Center. BDM Block Data Message. BHR Block Header Record. BIP Block Improvement Program. BSZ Block Store Zeros. BQV Blocked Quadratic Variance. BBM Blocking and Bracing Materials. BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen. BKX Bloodline Knowledge Exchange. BGD Bloody Good Discos. BEH Blue Eyed Hottie BHH Blue Heaven Hackers BQB Bluetooth Qualification Body BOG Board Of Governors BOV Board Of Visitors BCQ Boat Crew Qualification BJI Bob Jones University BYQ Boca Youth Quarterly BOK Body Of Knowledge BPT Boiling Point BWR Boiling Water nuclear Reactor Highway through New York City.

BTF Bold TypeFace BUH Boletin de la Universidad de Huelva BVL Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa BBN "Bolt, Beranak, and Newman" BRD Bomb Release Distance. BRL Bomb Release Line. BYH Bomb Your House. BXE Bombardment-induced X-ray Emission. BPF Bon Pour Francs French: value in francs. BVF Bon Vivant Foundation. BEY Bond Equivalent Yield. BOO Bond Order Orbital. BQW Bond Quantity Worksheet. BJB "Bond, James Bond". BBO Bonding Bond Orbital. BJM "Bones, Joints, Muscles". BWE Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment.

BIY Book Inside You. BCP Book of Common Prayer. BGL Boost Graph Library. BHX Boot Hill Express. BAH Booz-Allen and Hamilton. BXH Boran and Holstein. BXP Border Check Point. BGP Border Gateway Protocol. BVW Bordering Vegetated Wetland. BOF Boring Old Fart. BSQ Boson Second Quantization. BPL Boston Public Library. BSO Boston Symphony Orchestra.

BLQ Both Lower Quadrants. BUE Both Upper Extremities. BUQ Both Upper Quadrants. BLI Bottom Layer Insulation. BHZ "Boulay, Heutmaker, Zibell Company, P. BBH Bouncing Busy Hour. BPX Boundary Point of Exit. BQP "Bounded-probability Quantum Polynomial complexity theory, quantum computing ". BJW Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers. BIV Bovine Immunodeficiency Virus. BJD Bovine Johne's Disease. BMV Bovine Maedi-like Virus. BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. BVV Bovine Veins Virus. BZI Bowlers Journal International.

BSA Boy Scouts of America. BWS Boyfriend Wants Sex. BXC Boys' Cross Country sports team. BOP Boy's Own Paper. BTJ Boys Town Jerusalem. BFV Bradley Fighting Vehicle. BLP Bragg Light Profile. BDJ Branded Drunk Jiggalo. BBK Brauner-Briggs-Klar Wave Function. BGX Brazil-Gulf Coast Export. BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. BFJ Bread For the Journey. BBP Break Bulk Point.

BRP Breeder Reactor Program. BVY Breeding Value Yield. BUP Bremer Universal Player. BDX Bridge Data Exchange. BES Bridge Erection Set. BVB Bridge View Bancorp. Binomial option pricing put option example kwl Bridged LAN Emulation. BTG Bridging The Gap. BGS Brigadier General Staff. BRA Brigadier Royal Artillery. BYU Brigham Young University. BKF Brighton Kite Festival. BHA Brine Handling Area. BHN Brinell Hardness Number. BHT Brinell Hardness Test.

BAB Bring A Binomial option pricing put option example kwl. BUG Bring Up Grades. BYE Bring Your Enemies. BYO Bring Your Own. BYR Bring Your Reefers. BYY Bring Your Young'uns. BKB Brisbane Koala Bushlands. KBK Brisbane Koala Bushlands. BZL Britannia Zinc Limited. BAF British Air Force. BAA British Astronomical Association.

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation. BCM British Commercial Monomark. BCN British Commonwealth of Nations. BCS British Computer Society. BCF British Cycling Federation. BDA British Diabetic Association. BDH British Drug House. BEA British Epilepsy Association. BEF British Expeditionary Force. BFI British Film Institute. UKX British Financial Times Index. BHF British Heart Foundation. BHS British Home Stores. IOT British Indian Ocean Territory ISO 3-letter country code.

BIF British Industries Fair. BIM British Institute of Management. BIR British Institute of Radiology. BJN British Journal of Nursing. BJO British Journal of Ophthalmology. BJR British Journal of Radiology. BJC British Junior Chamber. BKK British Karate Kyokushinkai. BLG British Light Gun M BMA British Medical Association. BMC British Medical Council. BMJ British Medical Journal. BMH British Military Hospital.

BMM British Military Mission. BNG British National Grid. BNP British National Party. BNX British Nuclear Executives. BNF British Nuclear Fuels. BNJ British Numismatic Journal. BOA British Olympic Association. BOU British Ornithologists Union. BOC British Oxygen Company. BPC British Pharmaceutical Codex.

FRM: Binomial (one step) for option price

Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. A Few Abbreviations.

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