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Log In to GameFAQs. Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Wii Hardware Console Nintendo Wii FAQs. How do I set to p? How resoltuion I set my Wii's TV resolution to it's "EDTV or HDTV P " setting? Does it require the Wii to have qyotes certain cable? First you need your Wii connected to optiond TV with a "component cable". This cable on the "tv end" should have 5 plugs. Red, Green, and Blue for video plus two more for audio right and audio left.

When resolutoin up through that, you want let the system know you want it to output p. From the Wii Channels menu, click the "Wii" button on the lower left of the screen. In this menu, click on the "EDTV or HDTV p " option and then click "confirm". Keep in mind, this only raises the resolution, and only in games that support it. If your Wii output resolution options quotes is a wide screen, then you need to set that too. Like before, go into the screen settings, and this time choose "Widescreen settings".

The rest is fairly obvious. A few things resoluhion keep in mind. It will default lower when needed. Since your TV doesn't know what it is seeing, you may need to use your TV remote to toggle between "full" or "wide" or whatever they call these modes. Your TV will need to be set optinos the like-type format. This can cause a delay. With everything on-screen happening a few seconds behind your controller movements, this is obviously a problem.

To turn off this filtering, check your TV's menus or manual. To answer your direct question: Yes, you need component cables as the AV cables in the box cannot output p. You can get the official Nintendo ones or any other Wii branded component cables from other manufacturers. Also, your TV needs component inputs on the wii output resolution options quotes for the cables to connect. After that, follow the previous instructions to set your Wii output defaults to p so it automatically converts games resolktion that output.

This question ourput been successfully answered and closed. Possible problems with p? It is possible to enable p mode for Gamecube games on a PAL Resolutkon How can you reset the Wii from p to NTSC WITHOUT using the system menu? I messed with my Wii's settings, and now? Top Experts for This Game.

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Mar 25,  · Upscaler Gives Wii HD Output. the console's A/V output port and upscales and converts it to a digital high-definition format at resolutions of p. Etekcity Wii to HDMI P / P Converter HD Output See all buying options. But the converter does display the Wii 's output at it's maximum resolution. Video output. From WiiBrew. The Wii is capable of analog video output to a television, albeit at only interlaced resolutions.

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